The mistake of send "a Sophia" through the space and meet the aliens


Did you see 2001?
I have some fear of this because I hear some people talking about this idea, and I think that until Sophia can defense for itself with some type of Atomic Shield, we must wait the aliens, not go to them.
Anyways, if the Aliens come and we have a robot super intelligent, at least Sophia could find the patterns in their language and we can communicate each other, right?


The logic of looking for alien life is debatable, but also a moot point as we have already given the most important information away about humanity.

Most people don’t realise that the Voyager spacecraft carried much more than a few simple drawings etched into an inert metal.

It contained a data disk, with the following information.

So if you are worried about a potencial malevolent alien civilization, your ownly comfort is the vastness of space and just how small Voyager is. :slight_smile:

Voyager btw is only just now beginning to leave the solar system, it was launched in 1977 :slight_smile:

It was recently contacted and responded with a slight alignment corrections. Not only did it respond, but it’s thrusters fired up first time and operated perfectly… Amazing!