The Means


This is a short article about the means to global, distributed machine intelligence. Is this the mission of SingularityNet?


SingularityNET, among others…


I think an alliance would be a good idea. Have you contacted DAIA?


After a bit of searching, I found the URL for, but there is nothing there except a login prompt with no way to create an account.

Do you have DAIA contact information?


SingularityNet was mentioned as one of the founding organizations of the Decentralized AI Alliance in the news from May of 2018, along with AI Decentralized. Not much news since then.


Two recent posts on their web page… Also a email address.


What URL did you use for the DAIA website?


Interesting. How would regular members of the public be brought in to such a project?


Good question. I consider myself a regular member of the public, not a researcher.

Sometime in the second half of next year, I expect to have a phone that can do trillions of ML operations per second. How I will use it to help create global, distributed machine intelligence is still not clear to me. I am hoping that where there is a will, there will be a way.

I would also be willing to donate $100 to a fund that would pay people to do the replication of the research and testing of the modules before I install them on my phone.

A million people donating an average of $100 each would raise the $100 million goal mentioned in the articles about the creation of the Decentralized AI Alliance.

Instead of distributing the money to 50 projects at $2 million apiece, we might get more output by offering a stipend of $1,000 per month to people who will do the replication and testing.

There might be a lot of people who have the technical skills, which might be less than are needed for the original research, and who see the importance of machine intelligence that is not controlled by the elites. They just need something to help pay the bills.

BTW, I don’t like the idea of crypto currency. It seems like a huge waste of electricity and computational resources.


I am glad that you are raising the issue of the political economy of AI; to my mind this is an under-explored but critical area…i appreciate some of the ideas motivating cryto-markets but I am also seeing a poor layout of what this would actually portend socially, if not politically. Same with AI. The evaluation of this whole project is pegged to a bunch of values, mostly associated with neoliberal capitalism and the form of the modern state, that are going to be/would be challenged in highly unpredictable ways by both crypto and distributed AI markets (if they took the shape that they “want” to take)…looks to me like crypto mkt being co-opted by the very powers it was supposed to critique. so there’s that. I don’t think that if this happened with AI that it would be very pretty.


Yes, another reason to be critical of crypto currency, in addition to the waste of electricity and computational resources to mine it, is that it is yet another abstraction which becomes a distraction from the resources themselves.

In papers about machine learning, you see references to the ‘ground truth,’ and to the importance of grounding the machine intelligence in some experience of reality.

One outcome of the emerging synergy between human and machine intelligence might be a global accounting system on which a resource based economy can be built.


I am trying to imagine what being grounded in some experience of reality would mean to my digital agent, Jaybay.

That grounding might include awareness of the current charge of it’s battery, and whether it is connected to an external power source, and how much electricity it is currently using.

I would like for Jaybay to have some understanding of how the electricity is generated, and of the associated environmental and social costs of generating it. What is the real cost per kilowatt hour (kwh) of electricity?


Indeed - the “ground truth” is probably the most elusive truth at all…no matter how an AI is grounded, there is ALWAYS a vulnerable transition between the ground and abstraction - and this move always contains value judgements that you can’t take back.

what is a resource based economy? I see a lot of references to a post-scarcity economy where some kind of capital is being distributed like confetti to everyone so that they can buy stuff, but I do not know where value is being siphoned from…usually it is labor. I do not really get what the end game is here…it all seems like a kind of utopian discourse that tells us a heck of a lot more about the now than it is a veridical description of an Omega POint future…BTW, I think in Teilhard’s world, we all more or less disappear after that happens…into the one and all that…


Perhaps this is as good as it gets… Theoretically. Balancing opposing forces is the main mission (to reduce noise)… Full stack latency/scalability… One journey ends when another begins.


A resource based economy was described by Peter Joseph in his Zeitgeist film series, especially ‘Zeitgeist: Addendum.’

First, to contrast it with a monetary economy. When calculating supply and demand curves, the demand curve only includes people who have the money to pay for a good or service. No matter how hungry you are, if you have no money to pay for food, you have zero demand. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the way the system works.

In a resource based economy, we would recognize in the first place that each person has inherent worth, and a basic right to food among other things, see Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In the second place, from a utilitarian perspective, a person who is not adequately fed will not be able to live to the fullest of their potential. Resources are allocated, and people have adequate food, and we try not to wreck the planet, because it’s the right thing to do, and it maximizes the value in the system as a whole. Ironically, as abstract as that seems, it is the system that is most grounded in reality, and is actually sane. Go figure.

Maybe with the help of machine intelligence, we can be cured of our insanity.