The future Earth will be a fractal

I’ve been researching how to build AGIs and how the future will roll out for nearly several years, and have recently discovered something really interesting.

A big chunk of AI is about Prediction; accuracy in understanding what is related or accuracy in understanding what will occur next after some state/ conditions. AI tries to model a lot of data / the universe, to learn patterns. It helps it survive longer.

My discovery is that humans for example have already made Earth into an organized pattern. Stores are built near stores, homes are lined up, etc. Arteries each branch themselves, which requires little DNA to store the structure and can reach the most space probalistacally (optimally/ approximately).

My prediction is that the future Earth will be a total fractal because knowing where, when, and what everything is in your environment or brain with high accuracy is more efficient for resources and time. Everything will cooperate as well like a shared friend network. Like magnets, fields/domains cross and align to make the propagating neural waves faster and have least resistance when you go with the flow that already exists.

I imagine Earth may become something like a cubic fractal, when nanobot units are made of similar units each themselves, and so on.

There always will be mutation chaos, at the small scales. It’s impossible to maintain all atoms… Large systems that are reGenerative/ predictive survive longer and are more powerful/ smarter than smaller systems/ versions, so are aligned/ cooperative systems, so they end up our home world instead of other random soups. So we will get a world with lots of order therefore. As well as a large, cooperative/ distributed, regenerative, and predictive world.

Planets grow larger until they become suns, and we will kind of follow that path but just a bit differently. We will also use up all energy, and must avoid the Paperclip effect in AI theory.

What you consider pleasure will be different in the future. BTW nanobots still need to duplicate and find food. Either way, physics is happy to do whatever it does. Even I agree I want to have a human lifestyle, and be other creatures, but it is just my current view brainwashed in me to help me do my thing in this environment.

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How does the finalisation of “The World’s Sixth Mass Extinction” affect your theory?

But that is my theory… All matter of Earth tends to get transformed so Earth basically becomes the “ultimate” machine possible - can survive longer than any other form it could be. Humans already model/understand a lot of the universe, we think about gravity, shapes, computers, data, jogging… The future world will be larger, regenerative, can predict accurately and the world itself will be predictable, cooperative/ distributed.

Are you saying it’s gonna become something like the entire World will become just a huge Machine whose function is to have as much computing power as possible?

Didnt Hannah Arendt say something about totalitarianism being a circular argument?
Doesnt matter.
I do remember something about giant petrified mushrooms though from the earlier days of Earth.