The Expanse


Since there is probably a good number of sci-fi fans in this forum, I’m posting a link to save the best sci-fi show on TV - The Expanse. If anyone watches it, you know that it’s awesome, and for everyone else, I cannot recommend it strongly enough! Truly, you won’t find anything like it - it’s loved by critics, it’s loved by fans, it’s loved by George R.R. Martin and Adam Savage and millions of people worldwide. And it’s being cancelled after the third season due to weird broadcasting politics on the part of the Syfy Channel. So for anyone who cares about good sci-fi, consider adding a vote here:


This has happened with a lot of shows on Syfy. Something weird is happening in that institution.

No mentions of AI in the Expanse though, which is too bad.


Just can’t tell anymore if a series will be canned or not. It doesn’t seem to be a decision based upon logic.

I used to wait until there was at least four seasons before beginning to binge watch, these days I’m in the middle of following so many stories and characters.

Everything is speeding up… I guess we of all people should accept the exponentially growing change :+1:


No explicit mentions about AGI, but there are AI systems everywhere. The ships wouldn’t get far without them, and there was a character in the first season with an AI-powered implant that played an important role in the story. That’s off the top of my head. It’s also why I love its rendition of the future - don’t forget it’s happening 200 or so years in the future, so by that time AI will presumably be so ubiquitous that we probably won’t even notice it. So I reckon it’s entirely possible that there are even more advanced AIs walking around - they just weren’t important to the story yet. :slight_smile:

But yeah, this whole situation with the rights to on-demand streaming of the show is really very weird. And it bugs me a lot that short-sighted decisions by TV houses are what buried this fantastic show. I’m really hoping it’ll rise again.


The campaign to save The Expanse was successful!

Thanks to anyone here who might’ve signed the petition! :slight_smile: