Telegram Channels And Sealioning,

This is has gone widlly out of control on the telegram channel. I can’t go for a single day, without having someone break me out of my focus on work, just so they can complain about how “random” I’m being. If you don’t know what Sealioning, it’s abolutely a real thing:

It’s probably the biggest thing driving my away from this channel, and making me consider maybe not even trying Snet.

I can’t even disable DMs like I can on discord.

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Hi LWFlouisa,

I’m sorry that you have had a bad experience on telegram, Telegram became kind of a crypto cool application and exploded in 2017.

There are many different types of personalities in the community and there is nearly always conflict of one description or another, but overall the SingularityNET community are welcoming and interesting.

If there is someone harassing you in DM however, you can indeed block and report them if they initiated the DM.

If telegram gets multiple reports of someone trolling they restrict their account.

And most of all, of course, we want you in our community! Don’t let the actions of others affect your enjoyment!

All the best,

Tim Richmond.


Getting a little bit tribal?
Give them wave, keep smiling. They are a little bit risk averse to perceived existential angst…
Happening due to the Anthropocene.
(or should we impeach someone?) Lol

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I’d resisted the urge to try Telegram until about a month ago. I unloaded it after two days.

I felt the general format was not conducive to clarity of thought or peer relationships, and was not a viable replacement for a decent standard forum like this. The un-moderated quick comment, messaging format meant no considered thoughts/ opinions where being presented/ generated, off the cuff emotionally fuelled outbursts seemed to be the main method of communication… it’s not for me.



Telegram is definitely a cause or source of cell phone spam calls as well. It was immediately noticeable.

Well the big thing also was there was this guy, that was asking for pictures of me in direct message as well. Don’t that, that’s creepy. And the same guy keeps asking me if I “understand” math. You should just assume I do, unless I specifically state otherwise. ( This was a user in the community section. )

SingularityNet itself is fantastic.

Some good aspects of the channels: Ben Goertzal is as poignant and insightful as always of course. Also this other developer (in the developer group) was extremely helpful at helping me install the snet-client in the development one.

What I might do is prune some tribal ones, and focus on development.

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