Talent Spotlight: Dr. Anton Kolonin, AI and Blockchain Architect



Great interview!

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A reputation system seems to be essential for machine learning modules that are stored in the SingularityNet blockchain.

Which of several modules that have similar functionality are recommended to be used? What is the reputation of the recommender for knowledge of this functionality? Does the recommender have a good reputation for testing modules before recommending them?

There are two modules for which very strong reputations of the recommenders are especially important to me. First module, multi-modal recognition of my identity by my digital agent, Jaybay. Second module, protection of my privacy.

John Kintree

This was a great interview for me to read to learn more about where AI is headed in the future. I shall also have to go look for that film ‘Arrival.’ :wink: :heart:

Both objectives may be achieved through universal common values. GRC then in a self regulating framework to achieve quality outcomes…