Tag creation button

I suppose it’s not some high priority issue but maybe it can be good to add something like “New tag” button in the “Tag” section by this link SingularityNET? I guess some people can navigate here and be embarassed that they don’t see anything to create new tag. And also not everyone can guess that it’s just enough to type tag while creating the topic and press “Enter” to create such tag if it doesn’t exist on forum yet. I will create this topic in overall feedback category not feature requests because it can be considered as some bug or obstacle while forum using. But feel free to move it in “Feature requests” subcategory if you want. FYI @ibby

I will be disabling the tags function to be created by users I decided, and this will be only available in the following way:

  1. Admins and mods can create tags organised in a categorical way. This is to keep it neat and tidy.
  2. Users can select tags out of that list.
  3. Admins and mods can also add tags to a topic if they see fit.

The aim is to use the tags as a way to define more granularity, as well as provide more orderliness. E.g., it is not necessary to have a tag like “partners” and “partnerships” and “partnerssss”.