Support for growth of SNET

As an Account Based Marketeer, I know that you only turn an opportunity into a deal when you come into contact with the buying center (the real decision makers) of an organization.

To be taken seriously by the buying center, a very individual story has to be worked out.
The previous marketing approach around Sophia is very good to get attention, curiosity and clicks. However, Sophia itself (or better herself) is in most cases an uninteresting use case for most industries.

If SNET is to receive the attention it deserves, concrete, resilient and mind-opening storylines should be developed for the most relevant industries and placed in the appropriate formats (WEF, TED Talks, etc.).

So we will most likely find one or the other new partner, investor, early adopter etc. and SNET will experience increased but natural growth.

But for sure we should start this support when Beta is available.

What du you think?


Fascinating insight mtznr Thank you kindly for sharing. Looking forward new use case will continue to emerge as our understanding and deliverability of our ideas increase. Excited to see what it to come. Have a super day in the land of the living. Later.

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In my opinion having the beta is fine, but for decision makers the APIs, the code and the whitepaper are too complicated to understand.

On the other hand Sophia is not evolved enough to really make an impression and show the product SingularityNET.

I think there is a need to develop a tool to show the network to managers and decision makers. A graphical user interface where agents can be simulated inside the network, that visualizes the interaction of agents - especially possible agents of the company that the presentation is for - and the value that is created for the company by SingularityNET. There is a repository for a simulation of the SingularityNET on Github: GitHub - singnet/simulation - this could work as a basis to make a tool like I am proposing.

I think that the whole network and it’s ideas are great, but that it is too difficulty for decision makers and managers to put a number on the value they would get of a collaboration. But this is in my opinion the most deciding factor to get them to invest/cooperate.

I fully agree with you.
The main segment in my eyes are companies with 5000 or more employees. In companies of this size, the so-called Chief Digital Officers have established themselves more and more. In addition, I am increasingly seeing Chief AI Officers as well.
In my opinion, these two positions are the most important targets which both understand the topics around SingularityNET.
Therefore, marketing should focus on this segment:
Company 5000+ AND CDO/CAIO
I can grab these from LinkedIn :slight_smile:

But let’s wait for the beta. I think there’s nothing worse than promoting an unfinished product.

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I also think we need the beta first to allow hydro testing… Platform launch is when we will have the marketable product, ready to grow. Not before.


Hi mtznr, my name is Martin from the Netherlands, I am no developer, but want to start trying the platform. SingularityNet
Can you please tell me where I can start?

Hi Martin,

as you are not a developer I suggest to wait for the final release of SNET.
I guess the current Alpha and even Beta is aligned to developers.
But feel free to get in touch with the current state anyway:


Thank you Matthias , but the the link just brought me to the account page, should I first drop some AGI on it?

Here is a tutorial by one of our fellow community members - if you follow it you can try the alpha services for free in the Ethereum test network:

Danke w1kke