Supervisory Council Note - Phase 2 Vote

Dear Singularitarians,

We are pleased to confirm that our community has voted in favour of the proposed Phase 2 planning for SingularityNET. We have sighted the anonymized voting reports, and met with Ben to walk through the results with a focus on understanding the handling of ‘disqualified’ votes due to wallet movements. We are pleased to confirm that the handling is fair, but also note that decisions on handling had no bearing on outcome, which in our view is uncontroversial.

We recognise the vote calls for the Supervisory Council to take an increased role in supporting both our community and the SingularityNET foundation. We are excited and also committed to fulfilling and over-delivering on this role. We look forward to more opportunity to engage with our community, especially in enabling the DEEP funding framework which is set to catapult SingularityNET adoption across our community of developers and entrepreneurs.

We also seek thought and suggestions on the mechanisms we use as a community, for example on enhancing our voting and governance model to ensure our goal of decentralised governance is preserved as the project garners more attention and potentially bad-faith actors.

We look forward to your active feedback as we evolve and innovate towards a truly decentralised autonomous organisation.

Penny, David & Matthew

SingularityNET Supervisory Council.

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