Storing AGI on Ledger Nano and the upcoming swap to AGIX

Hello Team,

New AGI token holder and I’m interested in ensuring my AGI tokens will be converted properly while stored on my Ledger Nano S?

Will simply saving my AGI tokens on my Ledger Ethereum wallet ensure my tokens will be converted from AGI to AGIX?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide me.

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Hi my tokens are still showing as agi on ledger live wallet.

Can someone please help shed some light

HI greavette

Did anyone get back to you ?

Hi @Jack_Moore,

No one has replied back to my post regarding my question. I’m still confused as to what to do with my new AGIx tokens and where to store them.

I’m also confused as to the new price of AGIx. I can’t find AGIx on coingecko or coinmarketcap websites…I still see the old AGI token only. I’m planning on holding AGIx for the long term but would like to know where I can confirm the current price.

Thank you.

Yeah same here planning long term too. But would like more information

Just hold agi - its on eth network on ledger, im doing so.
You can convert on metamask etc.
Ledger is aware of the change.
No update to ledger hardware wallet as yet to store agx.
AGX, its on cardano eco network and ada is new to ledger for this year.
I emailed ledger support.
Just hodl : )

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