Staking Returns for AGIX

Hi, I think I must be calculating something wrong. When i do the figures using the maximum reward for a monthly stake it only works out to 0.0815% return (equivalent to 0.978%apr). Obviously this can’t be right as it costs more in fees to set up the staking than what you can earn and no-one in their right mind would do staking at such a low rate. Please explain where I have gone wrong with my calculation and set me straight. Thanks JEFF


At the moment due to high demand and low reward pool (100k Agix per month) the APY is <1%. Please be aware of the staking and unstaking ETH fees so it is not recommended for smaller amounts.
Staking on Cardano is coming soon, with starting staking rewards x4.5 greater (450k Agix per month) so it might be wise to wait a bit longer and stake there directly.
This option should be available soon enough as the Converter is set to be rolled out to mainnet on the 18th of April.