Staking returns and Fees

So I went to stake my 4000 AGI coins, the return amount would be less than 4 coins reward, and the fee that came up to stake was $75USD? So I would lose a substantial amount from staking my coins rather than gain. Does this seem correct?

This is correct, ETH fees are insane right now, and the staking reward pool is only 100,000 AGI per staking window. Staking will become more attractive once we migrate to Cardano. Also note that staking now will not yield any airdrop rewards, that scheme was capped at April 17th snapshot.

Thanks for the reply. I shall hold my coins in my wallet for now then.

What air drops did the snapshot for? Can you send me a link? Also, I am unable to unstake as well it says the fee is 11k and my brave browser wallet shows 0 funds when the smart contract comes up to confirm. I have eth in the wallet so I am confused I can not turn off auto restake… Please help.

Here are the conditions for the airdrop: (Hint: If you have been staking you will get more by leaving them there)

Even so, please send an email to with screenshots so that any issue may be corrected.

Dont do it, once you stake you can never recover your coins…im learning that the hard way now.

Hi Zolgo- Perhaps, you might be able to help? Sorty to trouble you…
Having some issues with finding where my AGI or AGIX tokens are now…staked the tokens for one month, then cancelled the automatic staking (after paying a fee) and then could see the tokens in the incubation tab and now nothing…possibly still staked but In fact I wanted to stop the staking and withdraw back to my Metamask wallet…so confusing…


So if you have re-staked they would be incubating until next month. If you successfully unstaked, they would be in a tab called “Ready to Claim”.

You can also check out this faq: