Staking Caps/limits

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  • Situation: Staking rewards are not desirable against the cost of gas to send the staking amount. Currently (at current reward rate) it would take 2 months to pay back the initial cost of gas on 100k tokens. There may be too many tokens than are needed in liquidity pool. Say the liquidity pool only needs 10 million tokens, then users should be capped to be able to send only as many tokens proportional to capped number of stakers (say 100). So this example would set a capped amount of tokens that can be staked per user at 100k. 10,000,000 / 100 = 100,000 (this is only an example). It is unlikely that someone who wants to stake 10 million tokens would setup 10 different staking DAPP accounts and 10 different staking wallets as that is a lot to manage (not that it can’t be done, but someone would be incredibly determined to do that).

  • Proposed solution: I propose capping total number of stakers and staking amounts. Actual amounts can be determined based on total liquidity need per monthly basis average.

  • Expected result: This will help level the playing field and ensure that stakers receive a more fairly distributed reward which will hopefully compsensate for cost of gas + a little profit.


I do not agree. if these token go up slightly like when it first came out, then it will be worth it…and i believe if i let my tokens ride for 10 years it will be worth it. this should be looked at as a long term investing solution that has stable gains. If you want short term I will more than likely see you on BINANCE… Besides I am doing this for the experience and to support Ben Goertzel a personal hero of mine…

Much Love and Good vibes From San Antonio Texas USA 78209 379000 AGI tokens strong and will use my stimulus check to buy more!!!

Calculating the current staking rewards for AGI
Based on the limited staking reward pool of 100,000AGI and unlimited stakers with a total pool of 75,660,581 in this 3rd round (June) so far:
100,000/75,660,581 = 0.00132 which is only 0.13 %

So if you stake $1000 you will receive $1.31 to lock up $1000 for 30 days.
Gas really eats into such a small reward.

Please correct me if my calculations are incorrect.

I think we need to up the reward pool or limit the stakers to be more competitive with other staking coins.

Damn, we’re unironically looking at a future millionaire here. Based.


If the price of AGI really goes up a lot though (which it inevitable will), then the value of those staked coins will be worth a lot more though.