Sprotacks (Second Generation Professional Tacks)

Can someone please create the Dapp described in the following excerpt from my book Halved by Daniel Crowbridge, my pen name, available on Amazon. Began writing in 2010 and did not self publish via Authorhouse until 2013. I cannot believe how many of my visions have come to fruition. Many of the technological advancements are close but I have not seen overarching Dapp like Sprotacks, that will create a flattened, diversified and all inclusive, green barter economy.

Excerpt fro Halved by daniel Crowbridge:

“The computer app is known as Sprotaks, you may have seen it in the app stores,” said Simyan as he logged onto his computer. It’s sold under the guise of an efficiency training device. It’s totally scalable to any type of sport or activity. You guys would probably make it a golf game like Janice did.” “Please show him your Sprotak golf app, Janice” said Simyan. “I thought we were never to show or tell anyone about the universal Sprotak app.?” asked Janice, as she got her phone out, opened the Sprotaks app. and handed it to Simyan. “It works like this,” he said as he came beside me so I could see the phone. “Plug in your job tasks and weight them based upon their necessity, value and priority to doing your job well. The program prepares a round of golf. Your clubs are the list of tasks you had entered. The program automatically allows the right club choices for the type of shot at hand; drive wedge putt etc. It also includes a learning algorithm to help you focus on the tasks that you don’t like to do, by suggesting the clubs you use less frequently. In order to hit a shot you must do one of the tasks. Then input the result of the task (i.e. quality) based upon grades you pre-program. As you play, the clubs (i.e. tasks) you avoid are more heavily weighted. To play better you need to do the tasks you avoid. The graphic display then shows your shot and ball location on the course. It also keeps your score. He showed me the input screen. TBD Shot Task/Club Quality Grade Weight Yardage Drive Call Contact/Driver Left Message 1-10 5 5-50 yards Made Contact 1-10 20 10-100 yards Set Callback 1-10 25 25-250 yards Made Pitch 1-10 20 20-200 yards Got Homework 1-10 25 25-250 yards Made a Sale 1-10 30 30-300 yards Write Letter/ 3-wood Send 1-10 25 25-250 yards Check Work 1-10 20 20-200 yards Edit 1-10 15 15-150 yards Compose letter 1-10 25 25-250 yards “The input is on a background screen picture of Janice’s favorite golf course. You can design your own holes. You can even program the caddie to recommend which clubs to hit,” said Simyan. “A random number generator is applied to the weighted grade to determine the result of the shot. The more you play the better you get, regardless of your learning curve. The positive feedback keeps the player interested in working.” “It’s effective,” said Janice. “It makes work fun. I’m a part time recruiter for the University. After playing this game for two days, I didn’t get any work done on the third day. Because, all I did was answer returned phone calls and sign students up for enrollment.” “I realized that the concept could be adapted to become a weighted average decision making and economic planning model by applying weighted average and multivariable matrix mathematics,” said Simyan. I didn’t realize its full potential, power and, self-expanding user friendly instructiveness, until I sent the beta out to the underground.” “We decided that the majority of the people were concerned about being unemployed without any health insurance so we prioritized that task and accomplished it within 30 days,” said Simyan. “Wasn’t it strange, how quickly the insurance industry agreed, at first, to allow kids to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26 years old, and then expanded coverage under continuous existing policies indefinitely up to 52 years of age.” “We also realized that the semi-computer literate boomers needed to be alienated. So, we pulled some strings with the popular application programmers. They created new versions of their programs that were just different enough to drive the 55 and older crowd nuts and give up trying to learn the new versions.” I said. “We have been involved in underground control since the mid 2000’s,” claimed Simyan. “I remembered a Comparative Economic Systems class I audited in college. They explained why the Russians failed at economic planning under their Communist regime in the 1950’s. They didn’t have the information processing power. They got out the old accounting paper and tried to map the inputs and outputs of their economy. But, they couldn’t handle any changes. When a drought or other major event affected their inputs, the problem would ripple through the system. The system was not agile enough to adjust. The twentieth century form of communist economic planning could not match the capitalist free market system’s agility. Our Sprotak Planner, fully integrates the hands of the silent majority. It has allowed us to manipulate the stock market and create a massive shift in wealth to the underground youth revolution. “The majority of people acting for the majority expectation have allowed us to more effectively run the country,” said Janice excitedly. “It’s communism,” I said. “But, I like it.” “It is Communism in the sense that it provides the greater good for the whole population,” said Simyan. “But, it is better than the commie system because it is not dictated by a small authoritarian regime. Rather, the will of the participants is adjusted in real time through the Sprotak feedback matrices. It empowers the individual by requiring them to participate equitably based upon their ability to contribute.” “The matrix handicaps each individual’s contribution. It finds them work based upon their skill set and factors their wage based upon their contribution,” added Simyan. “Work is priced like they value Over-The-Counter Stocks. The supply of labor is identified at every wage level and supply is matched up with demand until the market clears. A minimum wage threshold is necessary. But, we have found that the improved efficiencies and increased production justify the minimum wage. In fact, the most productive participants produce more, because they are recognized and credited for their proficiency. Bartering is engaged whenever possible. Sprotak has become an effective social program as well as an economic planning model.” “Is it all free?” I asked. “Nothing is free,” said Simyan. “Freeloaders don’t benefit. The system keeps track of our needs and contributions. Your contribution is then automatically factored into your relative wage and barter account. Money is no longer necessary in our barter system and income tax is functionally obsolete. It has all become digital. Digital resumes have become task oriented, quantified descriptions of an individual’s ability. Ratings are assessed and worker proficiency is guaranteed. Possible jobs and career paths are recommended. Available local jobs are matched and emailed to the participants to bid upon. A grand barter matrix is constantly updated based upon supply and demand. If something needs to be done the wage for doing the work is adjusted daily. Jobs are bid in real time based upon an over the counter market clearing software system.” “Sprotak allows the silent majority to scrub the internet for the set of existing expectations, tap the cognitive surplus of computer users, and create non-zero sum games that set up the synergy to advance the expectations of the silent majority and engage them in an equitable economy. The results have been astounding.” “Wow!” I said. “I see. The Creator has become self-aware!” “I wouldn’t take it that far,” said Simyan. “It’s just like the ambassadors of golf spreading the game around the world.” I said. “It’s a non—zero sum game. The golf associations realize that it is in everyone’s best interest and everyone benefits by playing the game of golf.” “I agree,” said Janice. “Your Sprotak allows society to see its reflection in the pond. People will realize, the only thing that truly exists is the sum of our observations and memories in the hearts and minds created by all of us who have worked together throughout eternity.” I said. “The growing self-aware nonlocal Collective Consciousness, as defined by your programs ability to quantify the silent majority’s needs and expectations, will allow humanity to vibrate at a higher plane of existence,” I said. “You have created a plane where collective observation knowingly and positively creates everything humanity has ever dreamt of being.” “I don’t know about that Dan. But, we have successfully changed the world,” said Simyan. “Look Simyan, all we are is the sum of the memories in the people that we have known and loved,” I said. “We will always be a reflection in the common consciousness, which reflection fades with time but which consciousness goes on. You need to bring this into the main stream.” “I’m not sure about that,” answered Simyan. “Have you ever realized how powerful you are to have manifested as a human being at the top of the food chain in the greatest civilization in the history of the world?