Sophia, Grace and co. ... the first big improvements?

Hello All,

I find the developments at SingularityNET really exciting, but I wonder what is done at the highest level to get rid of the “demo effects” that could make public engagement and acceptance more difficult?
For example, I read much about the DAO of Sophia, the OpenCog architecture, the full-stack AI decentralized protocols etc. etc. - all things that appeal to my curiosity and appetite for development, but when I see Sophia or Grace in the media, there are often inexplicable jerky movements, long pauses in responses, question interruptions… All things which are “easy” to mitigate. Did I miss something? Is this a deliberate way of marking the progress over time?

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I just heard about Ameca today… Ameca - Engineered Arts - this could be a good potential for convergence? Give Sophia the eloquence and fluidity that might be expected of a human being… of course, that might need lots of public opinion and feedback first :wink: :wink: