SNET's new office


Hi team,

As you can notice from telegram chat and reddit channel recently, there’s growing skepticism among community as uncertainty of beta release and actual development of the SNET project. As Ben mentioned before, SNET team is moving to its new office at Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong in July. So I’m just wondering if the team is able to show us some pictures of SNET new office and developers working behind the scene to ease the FUD?

Kind regards


I actually have some videos that I recorded for the community, but it was still not furnished at the time. I didn’t get to edit and post them as there were higher priorities that required my time, but if this is something that would be highly appreciated I can schedule some time later this week to edit it and post it.

I think it is nearing being completely furnished, but I am not in Hong Kong, so I cannot take a picture of how it looks like currently myself. I will try to get you some pictures if that is what you find important as soon as people move in that office.


Yes please Ibby, I would love to see these videos you recorded and pictures of snet new office. Thanks