SingularityNET x Nature2.0 Meetup this 29th of January in Amsterdam!

Are you ready for the joint SingularityNET and Nature2.0 meetup on the 29th of January 2019 in Amsterdam? This meetup is interesting for those wanting to explore applications and use cases with decentralized AI as well as for those preparing to participate in world’s biggest hackathon: Odyssey (formerly known as Dutchchain). See

At the end of the event, there will be room to pitch your ideas! Odyssey is giving away 200K in prize money, so definitely attend to get your ideas cracked and critiqued by AI + Blockchain experts on factors as business value and impact. Stay tuned for our more technical meetup in March!

Join here:



Say hello, happy smurfing!

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Is there any feedback available please?

A link perhaps…

Hello Ibby,

Would be nice to read or see how the day in Amsterdam went. Especially what the awarding ideas were.

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