SingularityNET Wiki Article Created

Here is the SingularityNET english WIKI article we created:

Hopefully the team can community can combat spammers who try to delete it be actively editing it when others try to delete it.

The Chinese page for Singularitynet was also set up a few days ago, but was already deleted as spam by bad actors. Hopefully someone from the community can fix the chinese page:奇点络

Note to the development team: it is paramount to the longterm success of an internet based project to have a wikipedia page: marketing 101. Please stay on top of this. thanks


I see it’s been deleted

it was taken down for “_Unambiguous copyright infringement:

I am not versed in the politics of Wikipedia. How is it possible to combat bad actors that flag it as “Unambiguous copyright infringement”?

This is a feature of Wikipedia? I would’ve thought Wikipedia would’ve had a better way to regulate content by this point in time.

Anyone have a solution? It will be very useful to have a well-maintained Wikipedia entry.

Theyve been deleted. We need the marketing team to gaurd the wikipedia page and copy paste back anything that is deleted by malicious actors

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On our radar - thank you :slight_smile: