SingularityNET Updates #15

Dear Singularitarians,

It’s the dawn of a new decade and we’re already a fifth of the way through the 21st century. Over the next ten years, we expect to see runaway technological booms, historic watershed moments, and extraordinary abundance.

The exponential rate of change through technological advancements will eclipse decades of previous breakthroughs in both scale and impact. These advancements will revolutionize entire industries both old and new and transform our lives.

These projected future developments are an indication of how close we are to achieving our shared goals and vision of the future, so let’s look forward at what we’re planning for 2020 as well as all the happenings that occurred over the last couple of months.

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SingularityNET Releases Updated Roadmap for H1 2020

The SingularityNET Beta platform was released eleven months ago and since that initial public release, our team has been blessed with insatiable curiosity from the community regarding the next steps that will take us closer to a fully featured and mature decentralized AI marketplace capable of obsoleting the Big Tech oligopoly and fostering the emergence of beneficial general intelligence.

To satisfy this curiosity at least partially, we give here a moderately detailed roadmap covering some of the more major improvements and extensions planned for the first half of 2020.

Read more about this here, and if you want to check out the progress of the roadmap you can by clicking here.

AGI Token Staking — Motivations and Concepts

The SingularityNET team has been hard at work creating the first robust, scalable, general-purpose decentralized AI platform — and, as announced in a recent blog post and roadmap update, the first half of 2020 is going to be the most exciting phase yet in the growth of the project. One of the most anticipated elements of our white paper is almost ready to be released and with the advent of AGI token staking — a key aspect of the SingularityNET ecosystem will be implemented.

Staking will begin in March 2020 and the particulars of the staking process and model will be elaborated in a series of blog posts. This initial post in the staking blog series simply explains what kind of staking we are launching and what objectives we have in mind.

Later posts will outline the quantitative parameters and provide how-to information for those who wish to stake their tokens.

Read more about this here.

Platform Announcements:

The Request For AI Portal Launches

Enabling the crowdsourcing of AI via the SingularityNET Platform, the SingularityNET RFAI portal comprises a trustless, transparent and commission-free crowdsourcing mechanism for AI-related requests.

These are the broad motivations underlying the Request For AI (RFAI) portal, the latest addition to the SingularityNET decentralized, blockchain-based AI platform. The RFAI portal will allow anyone to create an AI request and incentivize its fulfilment with AGI tokens.

If you have a strong idea or use case for an AI service that you want to see realised, or indeed help fund and already raised requests, you can do so by clicking here!

Let’s help kickstart the AI future with the RFAI Portal!

Market-wide price adjustment update

On the 20th of December 2019, we implemented a market-wide price adjustment affecting all available AI services on our marketplace, we also teased new services.

With a few small adjustments, we are happy to announce that the pricing update was completed successfully. At this stage in our platform development the pricing of the demo services on our market DApp is managed manually, though at a future point AI service providers will directly control the value they price their services at, though the conversion ratio in AGI will be managed by the backend of the platform (calculation based upon liquidity pool), we’ll communicate more about this as we get close to the launch of the Publisher Portal.

As the prices may change you can view a full list of the current service prices here: Service Prices

Tech update:

We’ve seen some incredible advancements in our progress toward realising the SingularityNET platform. Installation of components is the culmination of a great volume of work and many simulation permutations to ensure all elements are working as intended with all other already installed components.

Let’s break down the tech work that has been carried out over the last two months.

  • RFAI Portal Launch
  • Work conducted on the Publisher Portal
    • Finalized the UX and working thru it in stages
    • Onboarding Users as individual contributors (Individual KYC)
    • Onboarding Companies (Company KYC using DUNS check)
    • Set up the organization on the platform
    • Invite members
  • Service stability
    • Notifications to service owners when service goes down
    • Option to service owners to trigger a health check as soon as they bring up a service
    • Notifications to service owners on if their Daemon SSL certs are to expire in a certain threshold
  • Staking Design and Simulation
  • A high-level approach to licensing model.
  • Enhanced test cases for our Marketplace APIs and Python SDK
  • Working on the enhanced Dev portal
  • Working on Java SDK - to be launched later this month
  • Enhanced the Organization and Service metadata to capture more data that can be used by the Marketplace DApp and other clients.

To follow our progress you can do so by clicking through to our Roadmap.

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Aigents + Reddit — The Next Step Towards “Heternet”

The Internet hosts multiple sources of information and a common problem today is being overwhelmed by the sheer number of these sources and online environments. To overcome this issue, we have created Aigents an open-source project to interconnect all sorts of online information flows. This is called a “Heternet” or a network of networks.

This interconnection is done with the Aigents Platform, which recently announced an update and can now integrate Reddit into its already capable complement of sources.

To learn more about this Click here.

Smart Communities for Smart Cities — with Reputation Systems based on Temporal Graphs

The problem of reliable democratic governance is important for the survival of any community, and it will be more and critical over time communities with levels of social connectivity in a society rapidly increasing with speeds and scales of electronic communication.

This might become critically important with the emergence of so-called “Smart Cities” powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) like it has been presented by Ben Goertzel recently. The core of any city is its human population and if the operations at human-level interactions are broken, any AI running on the basis of broken human interactions can make things worse rather than improving them.

So how could we use reputation systems within Smart Cities to tackle this problem? Find out by clicking here.

Statistical Evidence for the Anthropogenic Causes of Recent Global Temperature Increase

SingularityNET was founded with the goal of creating a global decentralized AI platform, and using it to create powerful Artificial General Intelligence and militate toward benevolent aims.

The “social good” aspect of the organization’s mission has been manifested, since the earliest days, in R&D work by the SingularityNET and teams on the application of AI to the biology of human longevity. A more recent R&D thrust uses SingularityNET AI to advocate toward a healthy planet and global environmental sustainability.

This blog post is the first in what will be a series reporting applications of decentralized AI to sustainability and environmental science.

X-Lab Update:

Following the launch of SingularityNET X-Lab, a blockchain-based AI startup accelerator we took onboard a few AI startups to help them create their vision and to help kickstart platform adoption. As these projects progress we’d like to update you on what’s new and will be reporting on the X-Lab selected projects in this section as and when there is news.

X-Lab Project ‘NuNet’ Demo Launched.

Earlier in January announced the launch of their platform demo which can be accessed here and here

These are the first steps toward designing and developing a global decentralized economy of computing processes.

To learn more about this click here.

Rejuve’s mission is to accelerate longevity therapeutics by connecting individuals, medical clinics, biology labs and AIs will soon launch a mobile app! More on this exciting development soon!


This month we have two super interesting podcasts covering both vision and tech.

In this awesome AGI podcast interview with Toufi Saliba, the CEO of Toda Networks & co-founder of Todalarity conducted toward the end of last year, taking a look at the concept of multichain interconnection, Toda Networks and Todalarity.

You can listen to this excellent podcast here, and to access all of the AGI Podcast episodes please click here.

What is intelligence? Is the first question posed by Byron Reese in this super interesting podcast interview with Dr Ben Goertzel. Have a listen to the conversation here.

Media Coverage:

We’re glad to report that over the last two months, the explosion of SingularityNET media mentions continues to grow, here are some of the highlights!

Ben Goertzel was invited back to the Crypto Lark show

Ben was also interviewed by Ivan on Tech

Upcoming Events:

March 10-11th - Dubai - AI Everything

March 21st - Austin - SXSW

March 23rd-26th - Paris - AITP

May 8th-9th - New York - Ethereal Summit

May 16th - New York - Supersystemicly Summit

May 29th 30th - Toronto - CryptoChicks

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And if you have an idea for AI tools or services you’d like to see appear on the platform, then why not raise a request here: Request for AI Portal.

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