SingularityNET Supervisory Council FAQ

SingularityNET Supervisory Council FAQ ----------------

In this post, we try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the SingularityNET Supervisory Council.

Soon you will be able to send questions to an AMA with the candidates by submitting them to the “Questions” sub-category, or by and evaluating their profiles and responses on the “Candidates” sub-category.

The Supervisory Council will be dedicated to:

  1. Ensuring that SingularityNET upholds its values and commitments.
  2. Fostering quality interaction between token holders and the Foundation.

To learn more details, please check the SingularityNET Supervisory Council blog post and the following FAQ.

Feel free to leave your reply in this topic in case you have any other questions regarding the election!

This FAQ will be updated over time, so please do check back at a later time to see if new questions have been added. If your question has not been answered here then please feel free to email your question to


Can I ask what the expectations are for time commitments and travel for the supervisory council? Is there already a draft of the council’s charter, or would that be one of the first tasks? I see the vision for the council, but would like to better understand the expectations of them, as well as commitments from the foundation in respect to the council’s recommendations.

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The foundation has over 350 million AGI and exchanges also control a very large sum of tokens.
Will these wallets be excluded from the vote? Otherwise they will dominate the whole election.

I think the meetings would be remote and not in person - also the number of meetings seem to be not too frequent. So the overall time and financial commitments would be pretty low.

I estimate that another commitment would be that council members try to further SingularityNET’s reach by also being kind of ambassadors that inform other people about the existence, work and intentions of the project.

Are employees of SingularityNET allowed to sign up as council members?

That would be my assumption also, but would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Last I spoke to Tim he was down with the flu so it might take a bit longer for a response.

I found out they cannot be part of the council.

It might have to do with not being able to have multiple positions of influence: it is good to know there is some check on centralization though.

I think exchanges cannot vote with their wallets because of this rule:
Tokens considered for the election must not be moved for the duration of the voting to ensure each participant can only vote once with the considered AGI balance. Blockchain technology will be used to audit the above criteria and in addition to this, voters must submit their voting wallet address to an AGI token holding registration form.

Actually there is no token holding registration form as this is handled during the post vote audit.

I copied the text from the above F.A.Q. under this point:
What measures are taken to ensure the integrity of the election?

Yep that was the case but it is no longer the case and so I have edited the FAQ, thank you for bringing this up! :slight_smile:

Ok, but I think my assumption that CZ does not have 200 million votes due to this amount of AGI being on Binance still holds :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the vote. This is a truly epic event!

Firefox is going to have to perform better on my computer before I can vote. I’m not interested in running a browser that slows down my computer down to a crawl.

So how are we suppose to get AGI to even vote with?

Hi! I am new and have some Qs.
Is there other options besides Metamask? Transactions are expensive and it is not 100% safe.

Hi, are you talking about staking? The staking window is currently closed. Right now Metamask is the interface for the Staking Dapp. If you mean a wallet to hold your tokens, some other options are MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, Trezor, Ledger.

Thanks. I try to understand the process of staking. So Metamask is expensive if I want to buy AGIs

Check out this staking FAQ:

Transaction fees are roughly the same on any platform, the gas fee is dependent upon the speed you choose and the market conditions of the Ethereum blockchain itself (lately the fees have been very high) you wouldn’t need to buy AGI on Metamask, you just need to connect your wallet containing AGI to Metamask, if you are not using that as your wallet.