SingularityNET Monthly Updates #6



Dear Singularitarians,

Are we ready for an AI first future?

This question has led China to aim at being an AI Superpower by 2030. It is the question that initiated the $10 Billion JEDI Contract. It has made the tech workers exercise their powers and take an ideological stand against their employers. It has left corporations all over the world competing and outbidding each other to attract scarce AI Talent. It is a question that nations all over the world are discovering they can no longer afford to ignore - and they are creating and coming up with answers of their own.

The Government of Malta, hoping to place their nation in a leadership position in this AI first future, has selected SingularityNET to contribute to a new task force that will be responsible for the drafting of Malta’s National AI Strategy.

The announcement of SingularityNET’s Collaboration with the Government of Malta

Our collaboration with the Government of Malta not only places us at a favorable position to guide other nation states in forming a comprehensive national AI strategy, but it also allows us to take a step toward democratic and lawful citizenship for AI, Robots, and Corporations.

This collaboration comes at the heel of SingularityNET’s partnership with UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE) to teach children about technologies that will shape the coming decades. Furthermore, in December, we plan to host developer workshops at the DevOps 2018 event in collaboration with Eficode. These steps mark the start of a new phase in our journey to prepare and guide others for the revolution that is to come - a journey that we will further complement with the launch of the Singularity Studio.

Through the Singularity Studio, we will make it easier, relevant and more convenient for other businesses and large entities to utilize and contribute to the SingularityNET’s AI marketplace. In doing so, Singularity Studio will create the initial momentum to kick-start the network effects of SingularityNET by ensuring that there is a demand for AI services in the marketplace from the very beginning.

As a fitting start of this next step in our journey to democratize the access to AI, a step that involves tackling tough questions and creating awareness about the challenges that lie ahead, we are excited to announce that Dr. Ben Goertzel will be representing SingularityNET on the Joe Rogan Experience at 1 PM (PST) on the 4th of December! The format of the podcast will enable Dr. Ben Goertzel to freely share his thoughts on the current state of AI, the vision of SingularityNET and the role it can play in AI’s democratization. We want to thank all of our community members for their support in making this interview possible. Read the blogpost about it here.

In line with our belief that the AI first future should be as inclusive and beneficial as possible, we are also excited to announce that one of our senior AI researchers Dr. Anton Kolonin open sourced the code for Aigents - the social computing platform that was under development for the last four years and which forms a crucial aspect of the decentralized reputation management system of SingularityNET.

Furthermore, we selected the theme of “Future of Education” in our #AGICHAT campaign, discussed how to prepare for the future with the CTO of Eficode in our podcast, re-evaluated the nature of jobs in our article Data as Labor, and shared with our community a vision of the role AI will play in the future with theSecond Episode of our graphic novel, The Dreams of Satoshi.

Lastly, to give us another reason to be excited about this journey, Dr. Ben Goertzel felt confident in the progress of the SingularityNET platform to announce that the Beta version of SingularityNET is scheduled for launch in February of 2019!

Tech Updates

Thanks to the hard work of our team members, the Beta version of SingularityNET will be released in February of 2019!

The progress in the development can be gauged through the Github commits. A commit is a new addition to the SingularityNET codebase by a contributor to the project. We had 45 public repositories on our Github when we published the previous newsletter. Since then, the technical development team made 672 commits in the SingularityNET Github and added four more repositories!

As of now, the total commits in the Github repositories of SingularityNET equal 112,051. The total number of repositories now equals 50! You can track the progress of the development over here.

AI Research Lab

Our AI Researchers are actively involved with cutting-edge AI that adds to the uniqueness and competitiveness of SingularityNET as a platform. The research articles published since the last newsletter include:

Business Strategy

Singularity Studio

At the Web Summit 2018, we announced the creation of a spin-off entity called Singularity Studio. The new, for-profit offshoot will focus on creating enterprise software based on the SingularityNET platform, in addition to the infrastructure needed to scale those products. The Singularity Studio will work with companies to figure out how to fit usage of the SingularityNET platform into their systems and processes, and will then help them with the technical work needed to connect their internal software and data with AI on the SingularityNET platform. Hence, Singularity Studio has the potential to accelerate the utilization of the SingularityNET platform drastically.

Collaboration With Malta

We are pleased to report that SingularityNET has been selected by the government of Malta to contribute towards their National AI Strategy. As the first contribution to this collaboration, SingularityNET will assist the government of Malta in creating the world’s first AI Citizenship Test. To learn more about the citizenship test and to participate in the discussion about it, click here.

Partnership with Entertech

We’re also excited to report that SingularityNET will form a partnership with the Chinese neurotechnology firm Entertech to create AI-powered neurotech for the consumer and the enterprise markets. Entertech is a Hangzhou-based electronic technology company, focused on neuroscience R&D and the creation and application of state-of-art consumer-level EEG products.

Developer Workshops

In line with our goal of educating the developer community about the architecture and features of the SingularityNET platform, on the 13th of December, 2019, SingularityNET will host developer workshops at the DevOps 2018 event, in collaboration with Eficode. At the event, Dr. Ben Goertzel will also deliver a keynote address.

Dr. Ben Goertzel giving his keynote presentation at the Web Summit 2018

Media Updates

Dr. Ben Goertzel, Sophia, and other team members represented SingularityNET through various events, publications, and interviews since the last newsletter. Notable media mentions and blog posts include:

The AGI Podcast

In July, we launched our podcast to serve as an educational platform for our community. We appreciate the positive response from the community, and we look forward to inviting more guests recommended by them.

For the Fifth Episode of the AGI podcast, we invited Alison Lowndes from NVIDIA & NASA to discuss AGI and The New Space Frontier. For the Sixth Episode of the AGI Podcast, we invited Marko Klemetti from Eficode to discuss how to prepare for a technological future.

AI Talent Spotlight

As part of our goal of empowering AI talent, we highlight the profiles of individuals that are at the forefront of the mission to democratize AI. We hope this series inspires the broader community.

For the fourth part of our AI Talent Series, we invited Dr. Joel Pitt to share with us his story. Dr. Joel is one of SingularityNET’s prominent AI Researchers and has been instrumental in ensuring that the latest computer vision and machine learning algorithms are available on SingularityNET.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Ben Goertzel and the team will be representing SingularityNET at the following events:

6th December: AI Summit, New York

13th December: DevOps 2018

Community News

Graphic Novel: Dreams of Satoshi

In this ‘crypto culture meets pop culture’ graphic novel, you are brought to the year 2045 and follow the story of Damien - a freelancer who is actively promoting the shift to the new decentralized economy. You can view the second episode over here.

Reddit AMA

After the announcement of the Singularity Studio, we received a lot of interest and ideas from individuals and organizations wanting to get involved with the new entity. Furthermore, many members of our community were curious about the relationship between the SingularityNET Foundation and the Singularity Studio. So we thought it would be best to host an AMA by Dr. Ben Goertzel to further advance the understanding of our community about the various aspects of Singularity Studio.

Therefore, on the 15th of November, Dr. Ben Goertzel hosted an AMA on the Subreddit of SingularityNET. We want to take this opportunity to thank the community members for participating in the event and making it a success. You can read the questions and answers over here.

#AGICHAT Campaign

We are interested in finding out what our community thinks about some of the most compelling and provocative questions surrounding the run-up to and attainment of the technological singularity. To achieve our goal, we launched the #AGICHAT Campaign last month. This month we explored the Future of Education, and we look forward to what you have to say about our next theme: The Future of Politics.

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Thank you for your continued support,

The SingularityNET Team


I hope to that people and governments see the advantage of AI in the process of evolution.
In my opinion, only those who are not doing good for the society are afraid of what AI could reveal with the right algorithms.
Congratulations to you all.


I’m very excited to see this happening! Congratulations to you the team! Sounds like the start of a good change!