SingularityNET Monthly Updates #3

Dear Singularitarians,

We are excited to announce our expansion into China to broaden our mandate and to work with a pool of talented AI and blockchain developers, companies, universities and government institutions. You can learn more by visiting our Chinese site and Weibo page. We will be announcing some very exciting partnerships in China in the coming weeks.

If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect. ” - Steven Johnson

Our very first act as a community, the Token Generation Event, laid the foundation of how we were going to connect with each other. We decided to democratically shape the evolution of SingularityNET. It was with this goal of creating a democratic environment, with a well-informed and interconnected community, that we launched the SingularityNET Forum, this Monthly Newsletter series, and now the SingularityNET Podcast.

Here is the TL;DR version of the developments in July:

Leading With Tech

We had 27 public repositories live on Github when we published the previous newsletter. The technical development team has continuously pushed out code during July. Today, we have 37 Repositories live on Github.

Those community members who are not well informed about Github can find a quick guide on how to analyze Github activity over here.

One fact that deserves to be emphasized is that the total commits in the 37 Repositories of SingularityNET equal 110,525. In July, our team members made 691 commits in the SingularityNET Github repositories.

Such a massive code repository is a consequence of years of hard work by our team members, and it highlights the immense value that is added by the various constituent parts of SingularityNET (such as OpenCog).

We are also excited to announce that the SingularityNET Registry has progressed significantly as demonstrated in our roadmap progress bars . The SingularityNET Registry is an open and uncensorable registry of Organizations, AI Services, and Type Repositories that are accessible from within the SingularityNET Network. The Registry serves as the store-of-record, defines ownership of Services, and references off-chain metadata stored in decentralized storage systems like IPFS.

You can track the progress of the SingularityNET Platform over here.

Business Strategy


In the first episode of the SingularityNET Podcast, Dr. Goertzel identifies the willingness of the decentralized networks to form partnerships with each other as one of their greatest strengths. In line with the vision of building an ecosystem of decentralized AI networks within the greater ecosystem of all of the decentralized networks, we plan to keep increasing the capabilities of SingularityNET through strategic partnerships.

Here are the partnerships that we publicly announced in July:

  1. Kirik is an AI 2.0-based infrastructure to unite blockchains. The ability to analyze smart contracts within Kirik-enhanced OpenCog agents will allow SingularityNET to formally analyze and understand its economic operations. This partnership is an essential step toward Meta-Learning for SingularityNET.

  2. MindFire is a non-profit uniting the best AI talent globally to create human-level artificial intelligence. This partnership will drive synergies by pooling and leveraging the AI talent across both networks.


We are pleased to announce that we have officially brought Tim Richmond on board the marketing team. The hiring of Tim Richmond reflects on our desire to elevate actively contributing members of our community to more official roles. Tim organized and hosted a Four-Part VR Lecture on SingularityNET, and represented the community as its thought leader across the various social media channels. We are thrilled that Tim has decided to join us, and we look forward to his contributions as a team member.

AI Research Lab

Our AI Researchers are actively involved with cutting-edge research that adds to the uniqueness and competitiveness of SingularityNET as a platform. The research articles published in July include:

Exploring Sophia’s Multiple Intelligences - Rise 2018 Conference.

Press & Events

Dr. Ben Goertzel, Sophia, and other team members represented SingularityNET through various events and interviews in July. Notable media mentions and interviews include:

Progress Update

In July, the SingularityNET team released a Progress Update to discuss how far we’ve come in our journey and what lies ahead.

While talking about the development of the SingularityNET platform, Dr. David Hanson (the Co-Founder of SingualrityNET and CEO of Hanson Robotics), shared with us his vision of utilizing the platform as a “Mindcloud” for the Hanson Robots in the following words:

" Working in close collaboration with SingularityNet, Hanson Robotics is developing several AI apps for our robots using the SingularityNET tools, and actively contributes to the SIngularityNET AI code repositories ambitious work in humanlike AI. We look forward to deploying robotics and character AI services utilizing SingularityNet, via the SingularityNET marketplace.

This would enable SingularityNET to serve as an “AI Mindcloud” for the Hanson robots. Each robot would have its own AI container in the cloud, containing its long-term memory and most of its mind, and the power of blockchain and crypto [will be] used to ensure that the owner of the robot (and ultimately the robot itself) has control of its memory and mind. Transfer learning between one robot’s mind/memory and another will be critical, and doing this in a way that preserves user privacy will require some advances at the intersection of homomorphic encryption and machine learning, which will be rolled out later in 2019. As the population of Hanson Robots grows, the amount that the decentralized robot mind-cloud learns about the human world, including human emotion and social interaction, will increase dramatically via transfer learning among different robot minds and synergetic learning at the level of the whole robot mind-cloud.

Concretely, a few points that Hanson Robotics and SingularityNet are now working on include creative language generation, probabilistic logic inference, and semantic vision. "

Upcoming Events

Dr. Ben Goertzel will be the keynote speaker at Human-Level AI 2018 Conference, scheduled in Prague, on the 22nd of August, 2018. Members of the community who plan to attend the conference can take advantage of this 10% off-full-price discount code: SNETHLAI2018

Here is a list of upcoming events that we will be attending:

22-25 August: Human Level AI 2018, Prague

21 September: RAADFest 2018, San Diego

Updates From Africa

In the previous newsletter, we promised to keep you updated on the developments of our team in Africa.

The US Embassy in collaboration with Humanity+ and iCog Labs launched a national innovation competition called “Solve It." Here is a short video that covers the journey:

The “Solve It” Innovation Competition

Voice Of America (VOA) published a short video of Sophia at Ethiopia ICT Expo. You can view it here:

Community News

Naming and Artwork Competition

We are excited to have officially launched the SingularityNET Podcast. To give back to the wonderful community of ours, we are hosting a naming competition. If you have any exciting names for the Podcast, we would love to hear them. Kindly send your suggestions to Apart from eternal glory, the winner will receive a reward of 100 AGI Tokens!

Additionally, our artwork competition details can be found here.

AGI Ethics

Community member Arthur_Heuer shared an interesting proposal of a moral code that would cause an AGI to behave in a way that we would collectively agree with. The proposal has initiated a fascinating debate on morality and AI. You can read more about it over here.

Name for the Smallest Token Unit

Just as the smallest unit of Bitcoin is called a Satoshi, the community has initiated a fun conversation on what to call the Smallest Token Unit of AGI. Suggestions range from “MiniBen,” to “IQ.” Kindly share your suggestions over here.

We Are Hiring!

As our network matures, we will be opening up more ways for you to become directly involved.

We are still hiring Partnership Managers across the following locations: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul. The Job description can be found here. If you think you’re a good fit, please write to with your CV.

Be sure to join our Telegram Channel (now also in Korean), participate in our Community Forum, or monitor these email updates to avoid missing out.

Thank you for your continued support.

The SingularityNET Team


Recommended read btw: [1402.5380] Godseed: Benevolent or Malevolent? by @examachine.

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