SingularityNET is hiring! Will you join the movement?

Today, we decided to make Sophia our recruitment superhero in our first comic of many more to come. It is our mission to decentralise artificial intelligence, but we cannot do this alone. Are you the new superhero that we are looking for? Visit and apply now!


I would love to work for AGI. I hope my skills would convert to help the team. Also the link to the jobs doesnt work.


I’d love to! I am a U.S. Sales and Marketing Professional!


You can apply for any of the jobs on the page, there is an open position for if there isn’t a roll specifically there but you feel you could add value somewhere.

Or you could both apply directly by sending us your CV to

Maybe write a little about what it is you feel you could do and who knows maybe there is a need for your skills if not not then at some point, we are growing after-all!! :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,

I did submit my resume for sales and marketing related positions. With whom should I follow up?

Patrick A. Weller

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Good luck Sol…

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Any feedback on my previous post?