SingularityNET 奇点络 Chinese Name And Website


  1. We would like to have the Chinese speaking community refer to SingularityNET as 奇点络 as we are building out media coverage for this name. Other names such as 奇点网络 and 奇点网 are already taken in terms of heavy search engine results of unrelated websites that already use that name.

奇点络 is not confused with unrelated search results, which means newcomers will have the least amount of friction finding information about the SingularityNET 奇点络 project.

  1. When will there be a chinese version of website? Has translation into Chinese already been arranged? If not, please contact us and we will gladly help in the English to Chinese translation of the website.

Its important that Chinese speaking newcomers can find the website on their search engine with the 奇点络 search term, and then be able to read the website in their language.

Here is an example of the media for 奇點絡加密貨幣新聞/奇點絡(agi)建構與人工智慧流通的橋樑/

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Thank you so much for these suggestions. Could you perhaps please explain to me what the difference in meaning/connotation is between the terms? The Chinese language is really rich, and sometimes it does not translate well to English as English is not as rich as Chinese. They all have the meaning “Singularity Network” except for one which is “Singularity Point” when I translate it, but it seems to me that there is a difference still that is not possible to translate directly in English, so if you could explain that would be very helpful to me :blush:.

我们有一个关于 Telegram 的聊天小组,但我想我们也可以在这里创建一个小组 :smile:


The meaning of 奇點 is already used in the Chinese telegram, for “singularity”, or “single point”.
絡 means “net”.

奇點絡 is available for search engine results in Chinese to be found, which with other suboptimal names, such as 奇點網絡 or 奇點網 are not able to be found. From a Chinese speaker perspective, 奇點絡 works best for everyone, right out of the box.

Just like this for instance:加密貨幣新聞/奇點絡(agi)建構與人工智慧流通的橋樑/

I don’t know about that! :wink:

There is really no difference in meaning between all of the names, but 奇点络 is the best in the language. Unfortunately, Chinese is extremely complicated and each character has many different base meanings, so usually you can’t just translate directly without sounding strange. You can’t rely on the google translations to be able to feel the language to know what sounds / feels natural and best.
Not only is 奇点络 superior in terms of speaking, but also in terms of ease of search engine visibility.
Roughly when will Chinese language be available on the site?

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Could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: I thought they had about twice as many words?

Multilingual is not planned yet. I can perhaps look into creating a chinese category on the forum if you want.

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Please do add a Chinese section to the forum. Using the wordpress multilingual WPML plugin from the backend of your website, you can easily translate the existing site into any language you want.

Soon we will have a Chinese website up. Just working on the last details. As an experiment, I have opened up a Chinese category here. Let’s try that out and see how it goes for now.

Please let me know if you experience any issues with how everything is loading in China in that category in this topic.