SingularityNET 2018 Recap (Monthly Update #7)


Dear Singularitarians,

In 2018, we began the implementation of our vision.

We stepped on to the global stage and took a stand and reached tens of millions of people with our voice. We huddled in virtual rooms, braced the flashlights and scrutiny in large conferences, spent countless hours on the code and impressed upon the world the need for a global and decentralized network for AI.

We highlighted the importance of the SingularityNET platform at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Web Summit 2018, Rise 2018 Conference, Human Level AI 2018, DevOps 2018, Rise of AI Conference, and several other events.

We ended the year strongly by not only hosting our first developer workshopand launching the developer portal but also by participating in a wide-ranging discussion on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The SingularityNETbrand message reached tens of millions of people in 2018, and we are truly grateful to our community as we march steadfastly into 2019.

In 2018, we shared our code.

SingularityNET projects such as OpenCog, iCog, and Aigents are all open source. Currently, SingularityNET has 56 Repositories on Github. The total number of commits in these repositories equal more than 112,000.

Thanks to the hard work of our team members, the Beta version of SingularityNET will be released in February of 2019. To highlight the hard work of our platform development team members and the progress that has been achieved - Cassio Pennachin, the Chief AI Officer of SingularityNET, shared a technical update. The update also announced the launch of the SingularityNET Developer Portal. The portal will be dedicated to fostering growth and education for our developers.

In 2018, we shared our knowledge.

In November, the SingularityNET team joined the task force responsible for drafting Malta’s National AI Strategy. As the first step in this collaboration, we will work with the Government of Malta to create the world’s first Robot Citizenship Test.

This collaboration came at the heel of our partnership with UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE) to teach children about technologies that will shape the coming decades. It was in this context, to discuss the role that SingularityNET can play in preparing the youth of Ethiopia for the future, that the team also met with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister.

In May, SingularityNET and AI Decentralized announced the Decentralized AI Alliance (DAIA). The DAIA is an open industry alliance that will foster the development of decentralized AI technologies. Furthermore, over the year we partnered with NR Capital, Ocean Protocol, Nexus, Hacken, Fund Request, Bitspace, DeepBrain Chain, Shivom, DBrain, Kirik, Mind Fire, Weeve and Entertech.

In 2018, we shared our intellectual capital

After SingularityNET launched its AI Research Lab, our passionate AI Researchers in our team published 18 Research Articles.

We launched the Singularity Studio, a for-profit entity to further enable the growth of the decentralized ecosystem. The Singularity Studio will create a general purpose software suite enabling SingularityNET-based AI analytics for the enterprise. To advance the understanding of our community about the various aspects of Singularity Studio, Dr. Ben Goertzel hosted his second AMA .

In 2018, we democratized and distributed AI knowledge to the masses.

To connect the SingularityNET team and the community, we decided to interview various members of the team in our AI Talent Spotlight Series. To further share our views with the community, we utilized the AGI Podcast and invited thought-provoking guests. Through the AGICHAT Campaign, we sought to learn the views of the community members about the future of education, cities, governance, work, and politics. To further reflect on the future and the role AI will play in it, the SingularityNET team launched a Graphic Novel called The Dreams of Satoshi.

Through our publications, we predicted the Rise of Open Access Networks and did extensive research to shed light on the Tech Oligopoly and their effort to monopolize AI Talent. On a similar note, the New York Times published an article on the role that SingularityNET can play in breaking up the Big Tech’s hold on AI.

We then looked into the market incentives that drive the AI talent pool, re-evaluated the nature of jobs in the information age by considering Data as Labor, and discussed what we could expect from the EU when it came to regulating AI. Finally, we explored the dangers of deception by AI in the Right to Disclosure and discussed what steps we were taking to address the issue.

In 2018 we shared our journey.

As the new year begins and we look back at how 2018 unfolded, the one thing that stands out as a constant was the support of our community members. In 2018, there were many moments where we had to make some tough decisions and knowing that we had the trust and confidence of the community members enabled us to choose the best way ahead.

So all of the SingularityNET team members would like to wish our members a wonderful 2019 as we chart a new path forward. Our journey has just begun and 2019 will bring us closer to the technological Singularity!

Lastly, don’t forget that the SingularityNET team is always looking to hire those who are passionate about AI, decentralization and believe that no single entity should dominate AI. If you would like to join us, please click here and have a look at the open positions.

We look forward to staying in touch with you on our Telegram Channel and the Community Forum. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to us on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Thank you for your continued support,

The SingularityNET Team


First, thank you so much for not only continuing to drive forward, but also keeping the community in the loop. One thing that I think will become more and more clear as we move closer to the singularity, is that if we want to harness the true power of AI and survive as a human race, the democratization of AI is of upmost importance. The decentralization will need to happen with the inclusion of large corporations, which right now seems like an impossible task. However as time moves forward a fundamental shift will happen where the human race understands that this is the only chance at survival. This will come in time.

Thanks again,



Q. The decentralization of democratisation sounds like a formulae for civil war on face value… You have a plan b? :wink: