SingularityDAO Token Generation - who is eligible?

Hello All,
I’ve been receiving emails / watching YouTube on the topic of the Token generation, and find that I’m from one of the many prohibited countries and unable to participate.

I wondered if this is a permanent restriction or have I misunderstood the process? Also, who is the event aimed at, given the long list of prohibited countries?

The reasons for the restrictions on many countries from partaking in the TGE is due to laws surrounding cryptocurrencies (particularly token generation/IDO/ICO etc.) which are ever-changing and evolving. SingularityNET aims to be as legally compliant as possible to ensure the longevity of the project. If you cannot purchase SDAO tokens in this event, it wont be the only way to acquire these tokens. One way is by using the platform when it launches. See Whitepapers for information on the tokenomics.

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Thank you Zolgo - i will be patient :wink: