Shape and Cognition based in Calendrical symbolism and Periodicity

TIJAX. pronounced ( Tee-hocks )

Tijax is the 8th day of the 20 days in Quiche Maya, and is a identifying marker in all correlated systems. From a 6,000 year old descriptor. " The 8th day is Tijax. The Flint."
" Two clouds crash and produce energy through lightening." Flint is the protector of the balance between positive and negative.
Energy from: Take advantage of energy from water falls, caves or big storms. Recharge in rain with Lightening.
It is the easiest to spot, and the calibrating marker that makes it possible to correlate a system within minutes.

The element is Lanthanum, and it is the beginning of the Lanthanides and the marker in the periodic table where one thing ends and another begins.

Tesla was born on 10 Tijax.

US Steel was Incorporated on 8 Tijax and is identified on the market as X.

Glyph for Tijax

Cesar Pelli was born on 8 Tijax. (recently deceased)
He designed and built this.

Tijax is the electricity and the balance between forces. It is the separation between positive and negative. Boundary between the water and the water.

It is the lightening and the Flint. The spark.

The US National Park service was born on 13 Tijax,… August 25 1916
The Logo is the Flint

Tijax is the protection of the nature and the # 8 hexagram of the I-Ching is the correlate Pi.


It is the seeking of union, as the lightening seeks the earth and creates the union between polarities.

From # 8

The fifth NINE, undivided, affords the most illustrious instance of seeking union and attachment. (We seem to see in it) the king urging his pursuit of the game (only) in three directions, and allowing the escape of all the animals before him, while the people of his towns do not warn one another (to prevent it). There will be good fortune.

Pelli sought union between the towers as did Tesla and as did NPS.

From the explanation of the descriptor….

The idea of union between the different members and classes of a state, and how it can be secured, is the subject of the hexagram Pî. The whole line occupying the fifth place, or that of authority, in the hexagram, represents the ruler to whom the subjects of all the other lines offer a ready submission. According to the general rules for the symbolism of the lines, the second line is the correlate of the fifth; but all the other lines are here made subject to that fifth;–which is also a law of the Yî, according to the ‘Daily Lecture.’ To me it has the suspicious look of being made for the occasion. The harmony of union, therefore, is to be secured by the sovereign authority of one; but he is warned to see to it that his virtue be what will beseem his place, and subjects are warned not to delay to submit to him.

Lanthanum is used for lighter flints among other things.

The primordial elements between Tin and Yyterbium conform precisely with the descriptors of the days and hexagrams, according to function, and multiple other factors.

The “first stone laid “ ceremony for the Svalbard Global Seed Vault
was in the trecena of Tijax on the day of the cube Aqabal.

Jules Verne was born on 4 Tijax.

Tijax is often associated with Towers.

Burj Khalifa opened on 1 Tijax.

The Golden Gate Bridge opened on 1 Tijax , May 27, 1937

Towers seeking Union.

Douglas MacArthur was born on 4 Tijax.

The tunnel named after him “ General Douglas MacArthur Tunnel , is a highway tunnel in San Francisco, California.

It is located within the Presidio of San Francisco, now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area."

The tunnel opened on April 21, 1940 ,… 8 Tijax.

“The Funston Avenue approach and the Nineteenth Avenue approach were both dedicated and opened for traffic on April 21, 1940, in themed ceremonies designed to promulgate friendly relations between the Pacific coast states and provinces of Canada, Mexico and the United States.”

Top view of Bay Area shows a distinctive shape that is recognizable. It is the corral with one gate left open.

Google was founded on sept 4 1998 ,… 8 Tijax

Johann Phillip Reis was born on 6 Tijax.
Inventor of Reis Telephone. Seeking Union with electricity and telluric forces. 6 Tijax is in the trecena of Aj, which is the telluric forces. and the element of Tellurium.

Artist Robert Smithson was born on 13 Tijax. Land sculpture,…. also did “spiral jetty”

Mozilla Firefox released sept 23 2002 ,… 6 Tijax.

1,000 inmates escaped Libyan prison on 1 Tijax.

James Clarke Ross, Born 10 Tijax , April 15 1800
(tesla also born on 10 Tijax)

explored both magnetic poles of the earth. Arctic and Antarctic.

“located the position of the North Magnetic Pole on 1 June 1831,”

1 June 1831 was the day of 4 Kej.

The four corners , the four directions , and the 4 corners of the earth. From the 6,000 year old Maya descriptor…

The 4 directions, 4 corners of the universe, and the 4 elements.

Kej is the day of positional location and awareness of directions and stability of the compass and the four elements. It is an air day in the earth quadrant. The element is Holmium.

Pi hexagram , # 8 in the count is Tijax , the 8th day of the twenty days. This is the union of the two towers among other things.

The location of Tijax in the sky is around Lupus. The trecena of Tijax ends on 13 Tzi, Tzi (Tzee) is the 20th day which is represented by the wolf or the upright tail of the dog.

SN 1006. was sighted April 30 , 1006 and that day was 13 Tzi.

In the combined calendars Tijax is adjacent to the 2nd decan of Scorpio which is named Tower by the Hindu.

Other objects in Lupus.

IC 4406 is a bipolar nebula, seen from the side when viewed from Earth. Its left and right side appear almost symmetrical.

“IC 4406 is bipolar and appears to be a prolate spheroid with strong concentrations of material in its equator."

Tower decan is directly above the head of the top right woman.
Tijax is a bit further toward the center,. It is the center of the water quadrant.


The Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian, Japanese and Maya agree, and the Periodic table and geography and the times associated with people agree, and the shapes agree. Astronomy and calendars agree.
The two towers of science and woo woo agree.

K incidently is the 8th consonant in the English language of the 20 consonants, the last of which is Z. And yes there is an explanation for why X is the 19th consonant, K and X are very similar. This is the tip of the iceberg.