Selam from Dagim :)

I’m Dagim Sisay, I work at iCog Labs in Addis Ababa. Used to be afraid of the singularity but thankfully I’m part of the team creating it so I hope some immunity comes with that :slight_smile:
I would like to see Dr Roboto be an awesome prototype of what singnet can do and will be working towards that.


Hi Dagim! Welcome to the forum :smile:! It is very inspiring to hear that even though you were perhaps first afraid for the singularity, that you now work on the team to create something that would be beneficial. I think that that is were we pull the real power from to create something beneficial together. We all want the best after all, and by participating we have a say in how it develops.

It would be very cool to follow your work on Dr Roboto! If you like - you could share your project here and keep us up to date on your progress once in a while :smile:. I think it would be really interesting to get a look behind the scenes now and then.