Sebastian Keller, translator (EN/DE) & copywriter says hi!


Hi all!

I’m Sebastian from Germany. I’m a translator (EN / DE), copywriter and pancake afficionado.



Hi Sebastian! Great to have you here :sunglasses:. I like pancakes too!

Do you do translations and copywriting for a specific branch by any chance?


Hi Ibby,

are you the American pancake type or the French crepe type? Or maybe blini? :grinning:
And have you ever tried “Kaiserschmarrn” the Austrian emperor pancake?

Copywriting: Almost everything from dogs’ diapers to speeches for politicians.
Translations: Mostly web analytics, IT and various pro bono texts.


American pancakes all the way! If our German community grows quickly, perhaps we’ll be needing your services haggard :smile: Great to meet digitally


I’m multilingual in pancakes and even tried the oldest existing pancake recipe once.
But I think the fluffier the better.
And with melting butter.
And maple syrup.
Or Nutella.



Welcome Sebastian!


Aahh nice… I like both… but I also really like moroccan pancakes :D! I never tried Kaiserscmarn… You should post your best recipe for it in random discussion :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely insisting on the recipes now.