Searching the best way for bug reporting


Hi @ibby. Can you please say is it better to put as much bugs / feature requests as possible in one topic or create different ones? Right now I create different topics but I can delete some of them and gather more bugs in less amount of topics. Usually I use bug tracking system where I have separate ticket (request) for each bug / feature request. Maybe it will be also good to know which people exactly develop this forum to address such questions more directly.
P.S. I formalize this question as a topic instead of private message because I think that this information can be useful for other members sooner or later.


Thank you for your question about this! We would like to get separate topics for each bug/feature request as we manage them by closing the topic when fixed. I added it to the pinned message right now.

Optionally, I could create a topic template text. This means that every time someone starts a topic in this category, they could get a template text stating “only report one bug/feature” with some instructions. I think this would perhaps be a bit annoying as people would need to delete the text every time when they report something…

What do you think?


You are welcome @ibby and thanks for the attention to it :slightly_smiling_face: I think that it’s a good idea. The only reason for doubts is really the point that text deletion every time can be annoying but as I see right now some text is already in placeholder which disappears right after the beginning of text typing so you don’t need to delete something. Now the placeholder text is “Type here. Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML to format. Drag or paste images.”. We can add “Only report one bug / feature in one topic.” right after the “Type here.” or even consider to replace “Type here” with “Only report one bug / feature in one topic.” if it’s possible without big efforts technically.


Put a topic template in there for now as Discourse does not seem to have a sophisticated selector system for this purpose.

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