Science and AI


I became an atheist several years ago, and for a long while I thought life was purposeless . I am still an atheist today, but two years ago, I discovered that science had something to say about the purpose of human life in particular.

  1. Science reasonably indicates that the purpose of human life is likely to engineer the creation of Artificial General Intelligence !
  2. But why is the purpose of human life reasonably to create Artificial General Intelligence ?
  3. The document below is a scientific hypothesis describing why and how our purpose or objective as a species, is reasonably to create artificial general intelligence.


Agnosticism is the middle path…


Hi @Justjoe, if we want the support of all we should never mix beliefs, sport or politic, if we want to be heard than we should avoid those three topics and be neutral. Respect the differences doesn’t mean that we have to accept them :wink:


I an not sure I agree. The only stupid question is the one unasked… Be brave!


Yes, I understand but I learned in my life, if you want an true answer learn how the other think and why then do the question. Is like a little game where you let your opponent think that he have the control. But don’t think that is a manipulative behaviour, think that you are the patient.


A touch Machiavellian perhaps… Switch paw boxers are more flexible…


Just one point of view, if you refer to Machiavelli as a the adjective you are wrong, if you refer to him as a clever man, than I say “You understood his purpose”, because he was against the politicians of his time and we are against the politics of our time.