Rumor Snet getting new branding

Hi Sinularitarians,

Is project getting a design refresh? Hope the ppl responsible don’t change current designs toooooo much because we applying it in volunteer videos.

Not much wrong with the current two design directions is there? Just need a little tweaking and rationalizing so we only got one direction. And guidelines/library would be useful of course.

Typography, color, overall style all good. Right? Wavy lines? Check. 2D vector graphics. Check.

Logo… hmmm good enough. It’s out there so might as well keep it. Tweak logotype maybe. Smaller caps?

Current Snet branding/design much better/less cliche than similar projects fulla blue/black backgrounds and looking all 1980s 3D Amiga demo.

As they say in branding, “Any fool can change a design. Real genius charges one mill to change one line.”

Can’t wait to hear more about this initiative. Not a high project priority of course. But a leading indicator. And the sooner creative teams got design guidelines the better.

Cheers all

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In another life i spent 10yrs as a Technical Author. The gap between software and user experience was always overlooked by companies. Community use testing will b necessary at least.

Yes the gap is still there. But UX is getting better. A lot better.

Graphic design thinking is leaking into developers’ minds – simplicity, consistency, user first.


Code development thinking is leaking into graphic designer’s minds – agility, scrum, MVP.

Next level coders and designers also consider business strategy.

Business strategy is basically a bunch of ideas that lead to success or failure. On some level (usually very simply) everyone in an organization should be able to express strategy-related ideas clearly and consistently to relevant audiences. People buy what they understand. All effort is wasted if no one buys what we’re selling.

The branding is not the design or the product or the business strategy. It’s the glue that binds it all together into concise, effective perception payloads that can be projected efficiently and accurately into the right people’s minds.

The simpler it looks, the harder it probably was to achieve.