Robots Will Take Our Jobs



artificial intelligence will make my daily life easier. Do the laundry, take me everywhere quickly and safely. The world is going to be wonderful.

But if everything is done, what else can I do? Who pays the bills? Where does the money come from? What kind of job can I apply then?
What is the Universal Basic Income?
Who pays that? Isn’t that communism?

Will we still have rights if we do not have to work anymore to get the most needed and therefore disempower?

What else is left for us?

Let’s share opinions and visions about that.


I don’t picture hardware robots running around doing everything we do but hopefully as the technology evolves so will new types of jobs for humans. There will be allot of new fields I think.


Personally I disagree. Sort of. Can human’s make up new “work” so we can continue our Calvinistic attitude of work=virtue? Probably. So-called Bullshit Jobs already make up a large percentage of roles in Western society, so I have no doubt we can invent some more titles.

Here’s the key problems:

  1. I think the rate of change is the issue here. The industrial revolution (often quoted as an example of “how it’ll all work out fine”) is a poor example because 1) it took a LONG time and b) is was bloody miserable for massive swathes of the population anyway. I’d wager that we’d see a few dictators springing up before the West would accept that sort of treatment.
  2. The skills being replaced often fit into “vocation” (e.g. medical imaging/diagnosis, accountancy, law, etc). Displacing people with 20 or 30 years learning and experience into gig-economy roles is going to be very problematic.
  3. The environment into which people will be displaced is extremely volatile. it is challenging to make 10+ year commitments (e.g. children, education, business investment) in such an environment
  4. There still appears to be no real ideas of what these jobs might be. Although I’m prepared to accept new requirements will arise (dentists as a result of the mill, for example) I’m wholly unconvinced by the general hand waving “human stuff” that’s currently being offered as a role. I don’t believe humans will have the monopoly on creating crap blogs, youtube vids, etsy craftware or flattering themselves that they are uniquely empathetic to people.
  5. The transition is going to be hard. I fought tooth and nail during the outsourcing era, but this will be a tougher future. For all the talk of “adding value” during outsourcing, when the business case came under pressure the cost takeout was the last benefit standing. I see no evidence that this time will be fundamentally different.


Can’t hardly wait for robot to take my job and start holiday for lifetime on universal basic income "brain mined’ in crypto. A world where intelligence pays off by mining UBI coin (to be launched by me if I don’t become rich af in next bull market). Features of the coin will be asic-resistant,machine-resistant and directly transferable to AGI which will be bot currency. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why invent a new coin? Just use AGI


AGI is for machine economy and my scamcoin :grin: will be “proof of human intelligence” to earn by mining using brain power (not hash power) and a source of universal basic income when rest of the work is anyway done by bots connected to singularityNet.


Keep in mind that the AI revolution won’t happen in a blink, either. We are now at the point where we can create narrow AI that can solve some individual problems as good as or slightly better than humans. So until most jobs are in jeopardy (which I don’t believe is that close), we have quite a while to figure things out as a society. In the end, until we get to AGI, (narrow) AI is a tool, and like all tools developed by humans, we can use it for good or bad things. But fear that things will only get worse shouldn’t be reason enough to steer clear of technological breakthroughs, especially when it can be as life-changing as AI. There are quite a few examples of career choices that exist today that didn’t exist just a couple of years ago, and that we couldn’t possibly imagine back then. Producing videos on YouTube is just one example that was made possible by the internet. AI has the potential to have that much more of a profound impact, so I don’t think it’s productive to try and figure out all the different types of new jobs today. What is productive is that we put laws in place that will ensure that no one will get left behind. Which of course isn’t true even today, but that’s not to say that it’ll get worse with AI taking over some jobs. :slight_smile:


Love the Graeber bullshit jobs reference. Here’s a great read regarding that for those with less familiarity. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but we’ve already suffered a loss of meaning with work, even before employment went into secular decline in certain areas of the world.


It’s true and things will be very dystopian if it happens quickly but I’m not going to say that on the internet full of people who don’t need to view AI in an even worse light than they already see it lol.


We are actually creating jobs because of AI, we even wrote a blog about it…