RFAI ---> AI agent that forecasts football results.

Hi everyone,

I’m kinda new on the developer side.

My AI request:

Title: Create —> An AI that gathers past football data statistics and acts according to the development of the team’s football season.

Description: This AI would have to watch many and different variables that matter on football like goals, goals taken, wins, losses, home wins, past results etc… on a specific league, for example, Premier League and acts according to classifications and game performance.
I expect that the real output would be the AI picking as winners those teams that are playing against lower classified teams, and thats what I want, but applied to every league. It would be cool that we could have some confidence interval for who Wins, Ties and Loses, it is expected that the AI understands what teams are playing, and read their past results, stats and throw me a probability regarding the next for example Everton - Liverpool. Of course, the AI would avoid picks on hard guessing games between teams that are at the same level of performance.

I know there are many of these already, but not built with my rules.
I have all the weights and variables that I want to consider in order for the AI act uppon them.
I can get into more details after someone settles in.

Acceptance Criteria: It is expected to have at least a 70% - 80% success hits.

Additional Documents: I have some sketches, will be provided after the developer settles

Expiry Date: 20/06/2020 seems reasonable.

If you need more details just PM me.