Revealed Truth in Nature of Man or Nature of Creation for (Re) Ordering of Identities

From: Jordan Kenneth Campo
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2021 4:46 AM
Subject: Answer to your question about choosing the priest to fill the seat of the most powerful position on this planet scifi book

Dr. Vanhoozer, you asked me how would a superintelligent machine pick that certain priest to submit itself under in my sci-fi idea film. I finally have an answer. Instead of the machine comparing every priest intelligence to see which person has the most ability and use that to re-order the Church in light of the new piece of evidence that a famous scholar by the name Dr. Two fishes Zodiac with the knowledge that based on the different types of intelligences, an AI system would have to choose another option because the different types of intelligences cannot be held one above the other and that would be programmed as a basic belief that is fixed in the heart of the superintelligence machine. So this is how the machine would decide. The machine would start to get thousands of requests saying that ‘Im the one’ ‘no I’m the one’ ‘no I’m the one’. So what a 27 yaer old kid decided to do was make his way up to that superintelligence machine in California to

search for divine revelation of the one chosen to be the president of the whole world, the church and the machine is NOT by looking at there actions which elicits an ideological pole to even come up with the idea to even think in the first place that wisdom is found in divine order hence the obsessive sniffing like a mangy bloodhound. Rather, its by looking outside of oneself with the superintelligence machine wide opened waiting for God to enter into the natural order of this world and divinely speak to the superintelligence machine. The superintelligence machine would have then read every book on planet earth and would ask me about this page number on 53 which goes against what I am saying that says, that wisdom, according to this reconstruction, does not look for revealed truth but instead, it seeks for clues to the divine order in nature, history, social order, and daily work (pg. 53). I would then look the superintelligence in the eyes and tell it that their logic is not accurate. I would correct the book and tell it that looking for revealed truth verses looking for clues to the divine order in nature does not make sense because looking for clues to the divine order in nature of creation is a form of revealing truth. The superintelligence machine would then ask me ‘well what’s the difference then if they are both forms of revealing truth?’ I would then tell the machine that one is looking for revealed truth FROM the nature of man and the other is looking for revealed truth from the nature of creation apart from man.

I would then tell the machine that this is very critical to understand because if a theology of wisdom is the search for a divine order within the nature of man, then how in the world are we suppose to determine one’s personal agency of human personhood from a physicalist account? My point here superintelligence machine is to make clear as glass the fact that every Christian will have some level of bias judgement for themselves because who doesn’t want to have someone look at them and say “you know what, I just do not think you’re the right one to be the president of the hold world, the Church and the Superintelligence machine.

I would then tell the superintelligence machine that for this to work, you have to assume that you (being the superintelligence machine) to have such a crystalize understanding of the natural order and laws that it will start to enter into the natural order of this world that you will be able to detect whom the Lord is giving you clues to appoint to fill the seat of being the most powerful person on the planet earth.

Thus, figuring out who is closest to God then is a matter of divine action from outside of oneself instead of a matter of divine action from inside of oneself which is a much safer way and accurate way to go about in making choices concerning divine social order and (re) ordering the body of Christ. I think this is a more accurate way because I operate under the basic belief that only God alone can truly see the human heart. This basic belief therefore presents us from ever fully knowing 100% a theology of wisdom for a divine social order.