Request for AI forum submission structure

The purpose of the RFAI forum category is to allow our community to discuss, debate, collaborate and submit requests for AI services they want to see on the SingularityNET platform and market respectively.

If you would like to submit requests through the forum then you must follow the correct submission convention.

Requests must be posted in the following format

Title: fill this space with the title description of your request, such as, ‘Create an AI to monitor the temperature of X and do Y’

Description: Fill this space with a detailed yet concise description of the required AI service

Acceptance Criteria: Please provide measurable criteria, such as must achieve 98% accuracy of predicting and projecting the future temperature of X at this time point

Additional Documents: Optional to provide further details of the request

Expiry Date: Date at which the request will expire and tokens backed will be eligible for return to the requestor)

Feel free to share the link to the topic with the community and get a discussion going about the request. If your request is accepted by the foundation and included on the portal, one of our team members will contact you directly either here on the forum, or indeed via the e-mail address, you used to sign up to the forum.

So don’t just fire and forget, keep checking your forum post for any updates.

Shared on my social media for those able to make a request. I can’t at the moment, because I have nothing to back it with.

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So you do or don’t have to back your own proposal? Broke college age people don’t always have spare AGI or cash rolling around.