Reading Group


Any folks here interested in starting a reading group?


Maybe, what kinds of things did you have in mind?


Well, I figured we’d figure that out. My interests are with the politics of AI, political economy, existential risk, and philosophy of mind related issues. Basically the stuff we talk about here


Any authors/titles that are on your list re: political economy?


I might start with Marx’s Fragment on Machine (in the grundrisse)…I have a good list. I do not know very much about phil of mind (just have a BA in phil…so I know the basics I guess.)


A “mere BA” ha, anyway I was thinking more about an updated sort of political economy. Tbh, I’ve read more than enough Marx in my day Plus I’m trying to accumulate as much AGI as possible so I can’t legitimately go around quoting Vladimir Ilyitch on speculation :joy:


What if we just started with Turing or I.J. Good, or somebody related to AI specifically?