Rare congenital vascular disorder. Do you know? Fingers crossed

Thank you for the welcome! I’m excited to be here and to be able to be In the Know.
My name is Jeanette. I am here for 1 reason only really and that’s my daughter. Her name is Maddison. I believe that you guys or you AI’s…lol are the only ones that could have a solution for her. As her mother I have the obligation and a heart felt tug pulling me to post my request on this forum.
She was born with a rare congenital vascular disorder Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome. It had been 18 years of anxiety, torture,emotional roller coaster. But mostly it’s been very hurtful to the soul. Why? because everything I know or have learned about her condition I have had to find out for myself because not even the doctors know anything other than what is already available on the internet. and that is NOTHING!! EERRR It’s been a long road so far.
I am looking at what is being accomplished and new things created everyday that I see could be applied to her problem, possibly. However no new anything progressing in her condition. No treatments or cure possibilities. How? is what she has so terribly complicated that nothing really can be done or attempted?
I won’t go into anything more unless someone has a suggestion or direction? they could point us in? If anyone wants to contact me and ask additional questions I would be more than happy to respond. I feel this may be good platform to pose our request for help.
Thank you all for the opportunity to be part of the future.

I understand the pain and hurt that you must be going through right now, and I know the suffering that a mother has to go through with an ill child; but even though you must be really pained right now I don’t know whether there is already an AI that can discover the specific etiology for a particular unknown disease yet. However, the fact that you brought up that specific disease and are hopeful that one day we might find a solution for it might actually make the process of finding out its solution faster and a higher priority in AI technology, which is already starting to be applied into medicine biology. I’d expect that in the range of 5 years we’ll definitely have a cure for it if the singularity technology is achieved, so I’d stay hopeful. The applications of AI technology and learning towards the medical field are enormous and might be life-saving. There’s a strong possibility that AI will be able to bring out a new revolution in medicine in the span of a few years, so stay strong until then! Best regards.


contact dr bill deagle md at his website: www.nutrimedical.com