Radical Life Extensionist wants to develop an Artificially Intelligent Avatar to help him as a Senator for NSW

Below is a note I posted to my Cryo lists and to journos yesterday - I would like to start a discussion here about how I might use SN to help with my project.


I need to get the support of at least 100 registered voters in NSW to support my attempt to get on the ballot for the Senate in the upcoming Federal Election. Even if I am not successful in this attempt, the development of Avatar Phi Rho is still a good idea for improving democracy in this country and I will continue to develop him regardless.

See Phi Rho’s video message here:

2018-12-10_Vote_for_Phi_Rho! - YouTube

There are more than 5.2 million voters in NSW and a Senator with an intelligent Avatar which is capable of talking to ALL the voters - individually and continuously - will drastically improve the ability for people in NSW to get their political views directly into the Federal Parliament.