Question on the decentralization,



I’m curious what’s meant by decentralization in the context of using SingularityNET. Someone mentioned Ethereum I think. When I think decentralized, I actually think of places like Mastodon, Pleroma, GNU Social, Diaspora, and some others on the fediverse. Or Linux, which from my understand is what this will be more like.

Will users be able to start their own instance of it?


With this network, Ethereum and all that part is only about the payments mechanism, although the transactions are data that you could process and sell for tokens.

The real decentralization is about the APIs and the service marketplace. I’m still trying to grok how it works in practice, but the basic idea is the tokens are used to pay for API services of different types, and the providers of the services are getting the tokens. A “service” might call other services and aggregate them into yet another service, but that isn’t necessarily visible to the end user. The tokens may be paid by a Dapp service in yet another token where the AGI tokens are a cost of the Dapp, ultimately paid in different tokens, some of which need to be exchanges somehow for some AGI.