Question About Designing AIs

I have read a little about AGIX and basically I have gathered that I can pay for AI Utility, and then design AIs for use off of the Platform, not like Pay-Per Services but like Outside Apps and things.

So I’m wondering how I would go about looking for AI Designing, as in like how would I Pay someone else in AGIX to do something, or otherwise like discuss things here or wherever about creating AIs primarily to do things on Graphene Blockchain, ETH, TRX, and then Telegram and Discord. There are a few things that need to be done kind of like the PIZZA Bot in the HIVE based PIZZA Token Discord. I don’t have a lot of Money to get things started, but we have a Cryptocurrency Token and will be making Blockchains. So I am looking for how AGIX works all together, and how these things would be done. We will talk about this in a Blog as it happens and things too, and want an AI to be able to start using a Blog account and kind of Voting like Hive.Vote and things, there are Curation Trails and things but there is a need to create Responsive Bots that Comment back and Vote on Comments and things. Like, Steemd Bots, CryptoFresh and those kinds of things are the Backend things. Then there would also be some things that need to be done on Telegram and Discord and things.

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