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When do you think your platform and supply chains will be verifiable as ISO 9000 compliant?


SingularityNET is still very much in its startup phase.

I know for many of us who have been involved in the project either as an employee or as a valued community member it feels much longer, but it has been just little over a year old.

I also think it is important to realise that it is and has always been the intention of SingularityNET to pass over the governance of the market to the community where supply chain is self governed.

Hope this answers your questions?

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Yes, all the best to you, Mr Tim. Are you finding someone to answer my question please?
Thank you.


I just did… One cannot think about pushing for 9000 series accreditation during startup phase.


A misunderstanding my friend, 3rd party accreditation was not my push… Compliance would be a good foundation and potential competitive advantage for the project. ISO 9000 is a normative standard. As you like…


To work toward a standardization of operation requires a fully formed somewhat static business environment.


Its an assurance standard not control standard. Don’t worry about it mate… I just realised Ben addressed the issue in a reddit post a few days ago. Thanks.


Self regulation is good if you know how. My focus is non speculative risk management. More IEEE than SEC… I am not sure what your point is… A more cohesive self regulated platform management system?