PWR LVL - Self-Actualization Toolset Customizable Manual for Gamifying Life ... on the blockchain!

HALP. I need an AI-dult.

But seriously, if I have a game concept, what’s the best way to seek advice about developing and collecting the AI assets so that it functions properly.

Are there any specialists in Meta AI Data Strategy that I should seek for advice?

There’s an opportunity for it to be a self-governance toolset and comm unity help tool for a sub-economy self serve and self select model of mentorship, self actualization and wayfinding .

I’m tossing in a proposal for Fund 5 of Project Catalyst for Cardano/ADA

there’s a pilot project whole city concept that could be onboarded quickly and I want ot make sure that it works well. :slight_smile:

it’s gonnaa beee fuuuuuun :3

I’m on Cardano Catalysis and am looking forward to your proposal!

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!!! Pleasure to make your acquaintance. nods Excited to show my findings and find the peers to review me adequately.

I appreciate that your profile says Canadian as well, :slight_smile: - would love to connect anytime and thanks for the support, it means a lot.

I like that you are entering the gaming zone. I just found Enjin and pushed coin from uniswap to the app and then discovered everything transaction is $60. Not good. I did create a project shell (see att.) to promote SophiaDAO whenever it launches. Then I bought some Sand to have a try at Sandbox and found myself preregistering for game releases. Next up I found OVR and decided I’d try to buy some global tourism hotspots and the app won’t connect to my metamask. Having fun but finding interoperability a challenge for a non-programmer crypto newbie like me.


I’m actually working to just craft clarified onboarding pathways so we can matched with mentors, advocates, friends… to be honest, my biggest goal is to just have humans start being okay with their mistakes and applying the collective knowledge to the next wave of onboarding and hoping to normalize, allow for self-betterrment and governance so we can just… be alright? I dunno… just nice buffers for the murmurations.

Struggle is natural, usually better with a friend. :slight_smile:

Looking to just reduce friction and redundancies on our systems. It’ll all be okay. :slight_smile:

I hope to get some streamlined processes together so that you’re able to … just enjoy the games that are out there with less burden and strain.


Hope you’re well, thanks for sharing info. :slight_smile: