Psychologists, Counselors, or Support Groups for Singularity concerns?

I am going through a lot of anxiety and mental anguish thinking about the singularity. Are there any psychologists, counselors, or support groups you could recommend that can help me think through some of these big topics.

I highly recommend Mo Collins.

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This was a good laugh. Thanks for this.

Switch your anxiety to the finalisation of The World’s Sixth Mass Extinction - that is a closer event . .

What gives me anxiety is the Singularity doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. It disturbs me so much suffering around the world is happening when a solution is so so close.

This is understandable, we are indeed on the cusp of solving so many of our global problems, hunger, disease, inequality, energy, environment and even death. Throughout human history technology advance has been driven by solving humanities sustenance issues allowing for civilizations to grow larger to the point where additional technology is needed to sustain it further.

What’s changed in the last 50 years is that has been turned around and now it is, global civilization needs to adapt to the rate of change due to technological advance. In our hyper-complex and interconnected societies, it has become near impossible to legislate and regulate emerging technologies given the increase in complexity due to these advances.

All of this leads to various anxieties, especially when you consider those who are supposed to be in charge are too busy bickering about the little picture.

I think this video with a young-looking Ben Goertzel is a step in the right direction to ease some of those anxieties :slight_smile:

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Singularities happen all the time. Technically we could consider production of the Model T a singularity event,…or the mass installation of electricity to homes across the world,…
population of space by satellites,…
Cruise Ships !!!
And of course the installation of the internet would be the modern technological singularity.

The ancient Maya actually used to keep track of a cycle, where inexplicably the people would disproportionately fear the end of the world, every 49 to 50 years or so. The mitigation of this was halted and now it seems continuous. Most peoples of the earth had a Jubilee with about this much time in between, and the announcement of a “change” brings a new beginning, which assuaged the fears. To be constantly in debt, with no end in sight, has long been known to affect the human condition.

We are currently in a repair/cleaning phase coming out of a filthy industrial phase.
Time is a river, it is advised to swim with the current. Clinging to the shore is nearly always problematic.


One small qualifier David. The industrial we repurpose to a triple bottom line economic development model and singularise by absorbing the military’s dualistic functionality.
We will hybridise our swords into our ploughs.