Proof for the people of AGI Concept



There has been speculation :thinking: as to the acceptance or need for AI governance; however, non-human leadership is difficult to digest. Most people aren’t aware of the basic concept of AGI beyond science fiction.

People are scared of what they do not understand and many are reluctant to simply have an Alexa in their home. Before we are ready socially to accept questions such as, what functions AI should first reform in government, the Ends must be justifiable before the means.

We need to prove wide sweeping benefit in the least intrusive way first- from the bottom up! Many have lost faith in the potential for even an adequate standard of living.

What benefits will AI bring to society on the most basic and non-intellectual level? The social benefits must be demonstrated in narrow terms to the most simple minded constituency first.

We must prove that AI is truly for the people while easing concerns over privacy.

How can AI provide the most general benefit to the most average person in the simplest way?