Project Rudimentary proposal


In order to prove that we can create an AGI with human-level intelligence by creating an AI brain (that’s a network of neural networks) with neural networks that represent the hundreds of small regions in the brain, to help the subject of AGI gain more traction, should we create an AI brain that matches the intelligence of a simpler brain; like a fly’s brain, for example? Please let me know what you think about this project proposal and whether it’s already been done. (I can’t find mention of the project online.) Thank you. :slight_smile:


@bengoertzel has talked about something like this (please correct me if I misrepresent, Ben).

The idea that some approach AGI by looking at brain models at directions where as Ben looked at different ways for computer technology to do the same stuff.

(My thoughts)

And because of that, I would assume that it could be difficult to gauge computer intelligence based on biological brain purpose and functioning.

To put it another way, a flies brain is a well rounded, smaller version of a biological brain. It’s complete for what the fly needs to do to function. It doesn’t need high level skills to survive long enough to reproduce.

A calculator, on the other hand, is smarter than us humans, but in a really narrow way, it can’t do anything else. It’s not well rounded.

With that said, I think AGI will develop unevenly compared to how we look at small insects on a sliding scale up to humans.

Or if we imagine circle graph with different points indicating progress, shapes like different sized pie slices growing relative the big picture.

and the exciting thing is that it looks like a well rounded intelligence could emerge from the same visualization.

The overlap in pie slices.


Thank you for sharing what you think and informing me about Ben talking about something like the proposal. :slight_smile:


It was a video I saw… but I don’t remember where it was.

I think posted on his Twitter… but a while ago.


I think this is it.


That brings to mind the OpenWorm project, and in looking up a reference for that, I’ve now learned about the Open Source Brain under which the C Elegans worm project is catalogued as well.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the links, opinions and information. :slight_smile:


I think that creating a “small brain” is the right path towards AGI. Proving decision-making abilities in a simpler context such as a fly’s habitat, would be a big stride towards artificial general intelligence.


Thank you for your support, Maria. :slight_smile: