Project Related Community Questions, Requests and Ideas

The rate of technological advance is dictated by the speed ideas can be shared.

Following on from a request for information about a subject in our Telegram community group, we thought it would be a great idea to open a thread on our forum where our community can post interesting ideas and specific requests or questions.

Please feel free to post here anything you would like us to look at or anything you would like to know specifically and we will do our best to answer them.

Posting them here will also help other community members who might also want to know the answer to your questions and hopefully this information flow will create new ideas too.

Super thank you in advance! :blush:


Ideas are the most valuable asset a company can own, but most often, ideas generated by employees only serve to earn the company money. I would like to propose that if a community member or employee proposes a novel source of revenue for the company, that person can be entitled to a small percentage of the revenue generated. This would encourage everyone in the community to take part in contributing ideas for SingularityNET.

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Hi Mostlylogical,

Of course I completely understand your feeling and agree the greatest commodity of all next to time should be creative ideas.

SingularityNET is community led and so the idea behind this thread was to allow a space where anyone could suggest something they would like to see us do or any questions and feedback on what it is we do and plan to do.

Placing this information in the forum means it is more persistent and therefore any answers that are given can be viewed and refereed to in the future.

The forum itself is designed around the idea of bring together people who could work together on a shared vision. Often one idea can take on a life of its own when discussed openly among many people.

We of course wouldn’t steal an idea and push it forward as our own, if we are to build benevolent AGI we must first be benevolent ourselves don’t you think? :wink:

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I had an idea recently:

Why limit the available algorithms to machine learning?

Why can I not also order another algorithm as a binary where I define a set of input, outputs and a defined memory and time budget that can be used. And maybe some more requirements set in a smart contract.
A service on SingularityNET will then produce an algorithm to solve these constraints.
The customer also give a set of input, outputs that are unknown to the algorithm producer. If the result solves these as well, the payment is payed out and the binary is released to the customer.

I worked for automotive and industrial companies before and they will not be able to use services from the internet as either the amount of sensor data (mostly cameras) is too high or the risk of connecting the industrial production line to the internet is too high. But they want to use a lot of algorithms on these platforms anyways. And the algorithms needed are used by many different companies.

Even other standard algorithms from computer science could be made available on the network, as many tasks do not require AI to be solved but for companies that want to work on a higher abstraction level these algorithms would also be interesting products to buy.
This would also enable SingularityNET to cater to more companies and involve more companies as providers of services on the network.

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I’m wondering the same thing.

What SingularityNET is solving is a general problem that applies to all marketplaces, not just AI marketplaces. Agents should be anything, such as AIs, humans, scripts, IoT devices, etc.

What we need is a general purpose decentralized knowlege representation platform (e.g., Cyc, AtomSpace, RDF) and a set of useful ontologies to represent the state of the world (past, present and future) and the reputation of agents.

Once we can communicate and know what information to trust, then the communty can easily make it scale by adding agents to do validation, reasoning, inference, curation, persistence, distribution, etc.

The singularityNET studio?

Technically seen, it is not limited to just that :slight_smile: you can add non-AI algorithms and services, but for the service curation our main focus would be AI and ML.

Yeah, sure this makes perfect sense. I am just wondering if it would also would make sense to add this information to official documents/explanation of the marketplace. Maybe this could be an issue that could be discussed in one of your weekly meetings with Ben.

A storyline like - AI also needs standard algorithms so we of course also provide the option to offer them on the platform as well. This might make more people interested in the platform.

For me as a future service provider the benefits of using SingularityNET are to not need many departments of a traditional company: no marketing department, no office space, no HR department, no payment processing department, no IT department. Basically to get rid of most of the overhead a traditional company has. I will provide a machine learning based service, but for many many other traditional companies who are not in the AI and ML field, these advantages might make the invest to adapt their non AI and non ML algorithms to the SingularityNET platform worth it. But if the platform does not try to win them as providers they will never know that this is an option for them. The worst would be someone else taking my idea here and starting a more general platform. Of course SingularityNET has the first mover advantage, but still it’s risky.