Professional Blogger Available


Hello Singularity World:

I am a retired, professional technical writer interested in writing articles on Singularity for the mainstream cryptocurrency press.

Being truly retired from a career in IT, I can devote significant time to writing any article that needs to be written in English. I will write on any technical topic as it relates to Singularity.

The articles will be written professionally, yet be interesting to the “lay” reader and could be based on assignment from the team.

Everything I write is researched and staffed properly, and delivered to the team on-time every time.

I hope I can be of service to the team. I will work for minimal AGI or ETH.





Hi Howard,

Welcome to the community! Every member brings their own value to the project and all of us share a responsibility in contributing to the project in our own way.

I think the team is very active in scoping out talent from the community, and in rewarding volunteers, and if you’ll write really great articles as a community member - the chances of you being compensated as a volunteer or being tasked to write articles for the project will increase.

Just felt like sharing my thoughts, and I look forward to reading your thoughts.


Thanks! Where do you prefer to see articles posted? Howard.


Feel free to send in an open application to :slight_smile:


We have an active community of Reddit, and over here on the Forum also. Feel free to share your articles on both channels. Cheers.