Potental solution to the AI hardware problem?

I’ve been fascinated by the progress being made in AI so I’ve been really diving deep into it lately and I found this video https://youtu.be/19fjsk9blB4 titled Neuromorphic: BRAINLIKE Computers by the channel Coreteks goes into more detail about how combining both analog and digital computing together could help AI hardware and potential solutions of the von neumann bottleneck among other things so that we might make the leap in AI hardware that we are looking for disclaimer I am by no means an expert on AI and I have posted another topic similar to this but I think this video is perhaps a better example of how we might solve the AI hardware problem

And here is the link to the first video that helped form my opinions on this matter https://youtu.be/owe9cPEdm7k from first post on this topic that I made its on the topic of AI/AGI hardware titled the AI hardware problem by the channel New Mind in my opinion research into these kinds of fields will help us create AGI let me know what you think and if you agree with my posts please help spread the information to the right people to help AGI be beneficial to ALL life not just the 1 percent of the 1 percent.