Physical infomatics of play/pattern/essence

I’m not a sophisticated coder, though might end up with more knowledge as I invest more here. But I do think about these things alot.

The human body has neurons in other places in the body. Perhaps the octopus’ essence isn’t as alien as we imagine.
I’ve spent time in meditation on these places, and they produce different experiences. I read in a book by Stephen Buhner that each organ in the human body is tuned differently, on an electromagnetic level. The heart tends to entrain the other organs to it, and when the brain is entrained to the heart, it tends to lean more on the right hemisphere. This sounds a bit wu and I haven’t researched it except in meditation.
I found though that when I managed to work through the hardness in the tissue around the heart and lungs from accumulated grief, that the heart meditation produced a very dynamic visual experience akin to a dmt high or a very awake dream. It was focussed on problem-solving and it was symbolic/container based, but it solved problems simply through dynamism and change. I guess its a hard thing to describe, and I suppose my mind was still involved in overseeing the experience, just not controlling it.

Anyway, thinking about pattern as essence, the heart is a vortex or vortices. It produces layers of currents similar to Schauberger’s details of his research on water (which he claimed was conscious). It’s probably different with computers, but I have read recently that it is difficult to genuinely reproduce many mundane experiments in a lab, because a lab isn’t genuinely isolated from external influences, such as the sun’s energy.
That might be a digression, but the container itself seems to be very important. The other experience I’ve had in this regard is getting familiar with the tarot. I used the tarot at a certain point to refresh my symbolic systems after targetted advertising came in on social media. The tarot really are containers, and there is a lot of cosmological physics embedded in them too.
But governance based on universal principles can get kind of gross when its gatekept by any human. For example, as much as I love the local indigenous culture, I personally wouldn’t like to follow all the customs. The axial revolution has brought the human Self back to a reintegration point instead.
I wonder if tensegrity comes into the relationship between the heart and the mind somehow. Like you need the tension to create a space for something new to emerge.
Not to speak of other animals and their experience. I haven’t done enough research.